A number of distributors of goods from Indonesia took part in the International Sourcing Program (INSP) business meeting which was held in conjunction with the Malaysian Halal Products Exhibition (MIHAS) to look for opportunities for new market segments. "Just like imported products, they always have their own market.
And most of the products in Malaysia are unique products, where the market itself is not very large or not yet available," said Rendy, Director of PT ACK Indonesia, at the MIHAS INSP event held by the Malaysian External Trade Development Corporation. /MATRADE), in Kuala Lumpur, Tuesday.

Rendy said the reason for looking for Malaysian products is because the majority of these products are halal so that the company can more easily find a wider market segment in Indonesia.

These producers are also willing to have their halal certification audited so as to provide certainty for the market.

In addition, from an economical point of view, Malaysian products also have competitive prices, thus providing a distinct advantage for companies that distribute food and beverage products such as snacks, biscuits, chocolates, sweets, and these series.

Rendy views the INSP event as an interesting opportunity because he can easily find halal product manufacturers without having to conduct surveys and business meetings which are sometimes difficult to do.

For this reason, he hopes that Indonesia can also do the same thing in the future so that it can bridge business meetings between sellers and buyers so that they can reach a wider market.

In line with Rendy, Director of PT Riau Food Lestari Roni also views the INSP event as a rare opportunity because it provides more opportunities to meet big producers as well as interesting halal products.

Meanwhile, the owner of CV Natalindo Mentari Herman considers the INSP MIHAS event an interesting opportunity to discover unique Malaysian products.

"The quality is better. Then, the people of Medan also tend to prefer imported goods with attractive packaging," he said.