A total of 20 Small and Medium Industry (IKM) players participated in craft training for four days, namely September 5-8, 2022. The activity, which was initiated by the Department of Trade and Industry (Disperdagin) of Depok City, was intended to develop and improve the quality of handicraft products. Head of the Department of Industry and Trade of Depok City, Zamrowi, revealed that his party routinely conducts craft training every year. Different from the previous year, this year's craft training using patchwork is processed with certain techniques so that the patchwork products have more selling value and can be competitive.

"The patchwork may be textile waste for the community, but in fact it can be used for something useful, namely crafts that have selling values ​​and characteristics," he said.

Zamrowi explained that they were provided with direct knowledge by speakers from Hanichi Craft. This patchwork product will be combined with Gong Sibolong motifs, star fruit slices, memphis fish and some use quilting techniques.

In the same place, Head of the Industrial Division of Disperdagin Depok City, Dzikrulloh Kamali added, the participants were also motivated by the West Java Province Regional National Craft Council (Dekranasda) management and learned patchwork techniques. Patchwork is a craft that combines pieces of patchwork that have different motifs and colors into new shapes.

"We hope that after this training, the participants will channel their knowledge back to fellow crafters to make special products from patchwork that have Depok characteristics," he concluded.