PT AKR Corporindo Tbk (AKRA) is confident that the company's performance this year will be positive. This is in line with AKRA's demand for basic chemical products showing an increase in line with the economic recovery and progress of Indonesia's downstream program which encourages the number of smelters. AKR Corporindo President Director Haryanto Adikoesoemo said that with a strong supply chain logistics infrastructure, the Company can distribute basic chemical products to various industrial sectors throughout Indonesia. This includes rayon, smelters, manufacturing and everyday products.

Not only that, fuel sales in 2022 will also increase in line with demand growth in the mining, plantation, manufacturing, retail and so on. "By applying a disciplined business model, AKRA can still maintain absolute margins amid fluctuations in fuel prices," said Haryanto in a live public expose in 2022, Monday (12/9).

Positive Outlook in 2022

Haryanto added that the economic situation and future economic trends have made AKRA see positive prospects for the trade and distribution business in industrial estates. For this reason, he sees that there are several things that support this positive trend.

First, he said, there was an increase in coal production. Second, the replacement of energy due to the war between Russia and Ukraine as well as for the production of DME to replace LPG. "Third, upstream and downstream mineral production that continues to grow," he said.

Then, fourth is the growth of supporting industries such as shipping, warehousing and other logistics. This was followed by an increase in the consumption of fuel oil and biodiesel.

Fifth, downstream industrial production of crude palm oil (CPO), such as palm kernel oil (PKO) and Refined Bleached Deodorized Palm Oil (RBDPO) is also growing. As for the sixth, the continued growth of industries such as textiles, glass, consumer goods will increase the demand for energy and basic chemicals. Seventh, the operation of more smelters, ranging from copper, nickel and bauxite.

"With the strength of logistics and information technology systems that the Company has developed, AKR will continue to distribute products efficiently and on target. AKR will also encourage the JIIPE Gresik SEZ integrated Industrial Estate project to continue to attract new investors and help build the Indonesian economy," concluded Haryanto.

Meanwhile, in the first semester of 2022, AKRA managed to pocket revenues of Rp 22.10 trillion in the first semester of 2022 or soared 106.50 percent on an annual basis and net profit of Rp 955.61 billion, an increase of 73.59 percent.