Located along Jalan KH. Wahid Hasyim, Cipadu Jaya, Kreo, Tangerang, Cipadu Market is a textile trading market that was born unplanned. Initially, there were only 24 textile kiosks that traded to meet the supply of fabric for local convection entrepreneurs. However, as the market became known and the crowds of buying and selling, finally hundreds of stalls developed in the Cipadu textile market to this day. Cipadu market does not only provide a variety of fabrics or textiles. This market also provides various kinds of garments or processed textiles, ranging from cotton, jeans, kebaya, satin, sweater materials, and here also provides traditional materials.

Some examples of garments or processed fabrics sold here are curtains, bed linen along with pillowcases and bolsters, blankets, bed covers, zippers, towels, clothes and even kebaya. There are also convection stitches from residents around the market. For example, bags, mukena, tablecloths and much more. Not surprisingly, around this market there are lots of convection businesses, sewing equipment shops and even sewing machine spare parts shops.

The completeness of textile and garment products available here makes this area always crowded with visitors. Not only from the Tangerang area, but also from outside the city and even abroad. Not a few fabric shops here already have loyal customers and export their processed fabrics to various countries.

In this connection, the Tangerang City Government continues to improve Cipadu Market as the largest textile trading place in its area. The Mayor of Tangerang, H. Arief R. Wismansyah said, the arrangement of the Cipadu Market area in Larangan District continues to be carried out, so that people visiting and shopping in the area can be more comfortable, besides that the current Cipadu Market has raised the economy of the surrounding community.

"The potential for buying and selling is now starting to move again, hopefully this can continue to improve the regional economy and also the people of Tangerang City," said the mayor.

One of the kiloan cloth traders, Anto, who has been trading in the Cipadu area for almost 15 years, hopes that the Tangerang City government will continue to pay attention to this textile village so that it can bounce back due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

"We are proud to be part of this Cipadu textile village, hopefully we will continue to be noticed and our business can continue to run," he hoped.

Apart from the availability of a very complete variety of materials, the prices offered are also quite cheap and affordable. Even shopping for cloth in this market can be in retail up to kilos. Dujual with textile prices per kilogram around Rp. 30,000 – Rp. 80,000. For the price per meter starting from Rp. 12,000 – Rp. 80,000. Depends on the type of material and pattern.

"If possible, the area will continue to be built, rich in Tanah Abang, because the price here is complete and the price is cheaper, so you don't need to go all the way to Jakarta," said Rizki, one of the home industry clothing entrepreneurs who often shop for fabrics for his business at the Cipadu Textile Market.