Cotton Council International (CCI) invites industrial manufacturers of denim and Muslim clothing in Indonesia to use the basic ingredients of cotton from the United States (US). In this endeavor, CCI, the non-profit trade association that promotes US cotton fiber, hosted a webinar with the theme "Cotton USA in The Denim and Muslim Wear Industries". Denim has become an inherent trend for the fashion industry in Indonesia and even the world. Despite the emergence of other new fashion trends, denim is still a mainstay and is a timeless and versatile trend. Indonesia will continue to be an excellent market for the denim apparel industry.

In line with this rapid growth, the Muslim fashion industry also continues to grow into a large market in Indonesia, with a fairly high and promising growth potential in the future. Currently, Indonesia, with 80% of its 278 million population is Muslim, is considered the country with the largest Muslim population in the world.

Currently, both the denim and Muslim fashion industries use cotton and especially US cotton, as raw materials. US cotton is increasingly in demand by these two industries because it is a high quality natural fiber.

“We have been promoting the use of U.S. cotton. in the denim and Muslim fashion industry in Indonesia and the results are very good. We continue to encourage textile producers in Indonesia to produce more yarns, fabrics and garments made from US cotton, especially in the denim and Muslim fashion industries," said CCI representative for Indonesia, Andy Do.

Andy Do added that Cotton USA, US Cotton Trust Protocol, and Cotton USA Solutions are three programs offered by CCI to help the textile industry in Indonesia grow, increase sales and maximize profits and grow both in the local Indonesian market and export markets to the world.

"We are very proud and very excited to be part of the great success made by Indonesian yarn, fabric and garment manufacturers, increasing their sales continuously and consistently every year for the last 20 years," added Andy Do.

The Cotton USA program is offered by CCI to all textile producers in Indonesia operating along the supply chain. It provides the latest information on US cotton, introduces buyers to sellers of products made from US cotton (via networking events), provides information on the latest trends in the fashion industry as well as in the textile technology industry, and more.

Meanwhile, the US Cotton Trust Protocol helps textile producers in Indonesia to be able to verify, measure and prove that the US cotton they buy is produced by US farmers in a sustainable, transparent and traceable manner, and is environmentally friendly.

Meanwhile the Cotton USA Solutions program offers free technical assistance from CCI technical experts to Indonesian spinning mills holding a Cotton USA license and/or US Cotton Trust Protocol membership. The purpose of this technical assistance is to increase productivity, save operational costs, and increase profits.

Through these three programs, Indonesian textile producers can find new solutions and inspiration to advance their business, especially in the international clothing industry, denim clothing and Muslim clothing. For more information about these three programs, please visit the following links:,, and