Everyone will certainly choose clothes with materials that are comfortable to wear in carrying out daily activities. Especially if the daily clothes used are long and made of thick material like Muslim clothing. Living in a tropical country like Indonesia, of course, the outfit you wear needs to be comfortable by being able to absorb sweat optimally. The CEO of Samase men's Muslim clothing store, Nirzal Marius said that cotton could be the right choice for Muslim clothing. According to Nizral, Muslim clothing made of cotton is suitable for consumers in tropical countries such as Indonesia, and can even be used for Umrah.

"In fact, undergoing a series of Umrah worship can be more comfortable with Muslim clothing made of cotton," said Nizral, last Wednesday (14/9/2022).

Not only suitable for Muslim clothing, cotton can also make denim more comfortable to use in Indonesia.

The use of this material also makes our denim collection more durable.

“When making denim, quality materials are very important. One of them uses cotton. Although thick, but still comfortable and cool to wear. It's even more durable," said the Senior Fabric Executive at PT Apac Inti Corpora, Uni Kusyanti.

Now, seeing the potential for using cotton in Muslim and cotton clothing in Indonesia, Cotton Council International (CCI), a non-profit trade association, invites producers to use cotton fiber from the United States (US).

Currently, US cotton is increasingly in demand in both industries as a raw material because it is made from high-quality natural fibers.

“We continue to encourage textile manufacturers in Indonesia to produce more yarns, fabrics and garments made from U.S. cotton. especially in the denim and Muslim fashion industry,” said Dr. Andy Do, CCI representative for Indonesia.

He added that his party offered three programs for textile producers in Indonesia, namely the COTTON USA™ licensing program, the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol®? and the COTTON USA SOLUTIONS program.

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According to him, the program is intended to help the textile industry in Indonesia grow.

The goal is to increase sales and maximize profits and grow both in the Indonesian local market and export markets to the world.

In addition, Andy also said about sustainability, which according to him is an important aspect that has been realized by many world industries.

According to Andy, this is also one of the main points that is prioritized and is in line with Cotton USA's thinking.

"If I see the trend in Indonesia, in the future sustainability will be very important for the people of Indonesia," concluded Andy.