Garut Regency is now starting to be recognized as part of the leather industry in the world. This was conveyed by Garut Regent Rudy Gunawan after the area he led participated in the 2022 Lineapelle Leather Fair. Lineapelle Leather Fair 2022 is a prestigious trade show event in the leather fashion and design industry. "Of course this is pride for Indonesia and pride for Garut. Garut Regency participates in prestigious exhibitions even though we are very behind in many ways, but now it is recognized that Garut is part of the leather industry in the world, that's important, Garut is part of the leather industry. skin in the world," said Rudy Gunawan in Milan, Italy, in a written statement received on Saturday (24/9/2022).

According to the Garut Regent, the 2022 Lineapelle Leather Fair is an extraordinary event for promotion, so that in this exhibition, his party cooperates with PT Garut Makmur Perkasa (GMP) and several other companies to improve the quality and marketing of genuine leather products in Garut Regency.

He also ensured that the development of the leather industry in Garut Regency would be carried out in stages. Businessmen in Indonesia, he added, will be involved in the development.

The local government, said Rudy Gunawan, will provide 100 hectares of land to create a leather industrial area in Garut Regency.

"Garut provides 100 hectares to create a special leather industrial area located in Selaawi District," he said.

Regarding the exhibition, he admitted that his party was accompanied by Chair Women 20 (W20) Indonesia, Handriyani Uli Silalahi, and was fully supported by the Indonesian Embassy to Italy.

"Thank you Mr. Ambassador, Mrs. Deputy Ambassador, thank you W20 Indonesia and of course thank you to Mr. Sandiaga Uno and also to Mr. Agus Gumiwang, our Minister of Trade who has provided support," he said.

The prestigious trade show event in the fashion and design industry made from leather, Lineapelle Leather Fair 2022, was held at least from 20 to 22 September at Fieramilano Rho, Milan, Italy. The presence of Garut as a participant is the first time for representatives of Indonesia, in participating in the international leather industry exhibition as an exhibitor.

In addition to the participation of Garut Regency, the exhibition was attended by 1,100 participants from 38 countries. The participants were representatives of 556 tanning companies, 359 accessories manufacturers, 132 textile and synthetic manufacturers, 8 chemists, and 35 other services.

This event is inseparable from the follow-up after the signing of the Letter of Intent conducted by Garut Regent Rudy Gunawan with the Chair of the Italian Women Twenty (W20) Delegation, Sveva Avveduto at the W20 Summit at The Kaldera, Toba, North Sumatra, Wednesday (20/7/2022) then.

W20 is one of a series of the Group of Twenty (G20), which forms a women's empowerment network to encourage the adoption of G20 commitments in women's issues. The main objective of the W20 is to promote women's economic empowerment as an integral part of the G20 process.

Apart from being initiated by W20 Indonesia, the Garut-Milan collaboration was also initiated by KOWANI (Indonesian Women's Committee) and IKA-UNPAD (Padjadjaran University Alumni Family Association). These parties participate in directing and proposing the Garut leather industry to be collaborated so that it is more developed and beneficial for the people of Garut Regency.

Garut Regency itself is one of the areas that is famous as a producer of famous leather products in Indonesia.

Processed leather products with a leather craft center located in Sukanggang, Garut Kota District, has been visited by many tourists as a typical souvenir of this city nicknamed Swiss Van Java.

Head of the Department of Industry, Trade, Energy and Mineral Resources (Disperindag ESDM) of Garut Regency, Nia Gania Karyana, said that the main target of the Garut Regency Government in the event was to improve the quality of Garut Regency leather crafts.

"Now it has quality, the design is more attractive, so at least if you have collaborated with Italian classmates, you can improve the quality of the leather industry and develop the income of business actors from upstream to downstream," explained Nia Gania Karyana.