American Corner (Amcor) University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) in collaboration with iLitterless carried out the Green Customer Day (GCD) program as an effort to motivate students and students to care about the environment. GCD itself is an activity to collect clothing donations which are considered to have potential in sustainable development issues as well as efforts to overcome waste and environmental problems in Indonesia. The clothing collection activity will take place on September 12-16, 2022. The clothing industry is the second largest contributor to waste in the world. Globally, an estimated 92 million tonnes of clothing textile waste is generated each year. In addition, according to the findings of the Changing Markets Foundation in June 2021, the apparel industry is responsible for more than 20 percent of the world's water pollution.

Amcor UMM Project Leader, Ismail Ramadhani, said that this program has great potential in sustainable development issues. In addition, this program is also intended to address existing waste and environmental problems.

“This GCD really focuses on encouraging students and students to be more aware of environmental issues. Moreover, they are agents of changes who should have good momentum and resources. Even by attracting public interest to the success of related programs, "concluded Ramadhani

On the same occasion, the Founder of iLitterless, Ence Adinda Dianasta Almas, said that this program aims to increase public awareness of the importance of implementing the 3Rs, namely, reduce, reuse, and recycle. He revealed that previously they had managed to collect a lot of inorganic waste and it had been sorted.

“This year, GCD has three series of activities. One of them is Waste2Recycle, which is a textile waste donation program to be reprocessed into fashion products such as tote bags, shoulder bags or bucket hats as a fulfillment of the 12th Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Then, as an appreciation for community participation, on 28 September there will be a the main event "A Night in Hongdae" by cooperating with the fashion community in the city of Malang while launching the upcycle Waste2recycle product," said Ence.

Furthermore, Ence hopes that more people, especially young people, will understand the importance of sorting waste and making it a habit or lifestyle. In addition, the waste recycle program is expected to be able to make people aware that the use of waste is one solution to extend the life of an item.

In addition, the Director of AmCor UMM, Ria Arista Asih gave an extraordinary appreciation for this program which was considered very positive because it was initiated by young people whose targets were also young people. The collection point for donations is also on campus as well as several cafes that are often visited by young people.

"I also hope that this program can be more routine, not only in September, and the collection period can be longer, so that more clothes will be donated," said Ria.