The Ministry of Industry appreciates PT Wiska's innovation in producing cleaning tools made from crayon cotton in Indonesia.

PT Wiska partners with Asia Pacific Rayon (APR) in providing raw materials for sustainable rayon fiber with the 3S concept (sustainable, strong and soft).

Elis Masitoh, Director of the Textile, Leather and Footwear Industry at the Ministry of Industry
appreciates PT Wiska's step in making product innovation that is right on target as well as stimulating the potential of the home textile product industry in Indonesia.

"We appreciate PT Wiska's steps in supporting the government's commitment to advancing the national textile and textile product (TPT) sector as a priority industry," said Elis.

"Products made in Indonesia are also in line with the government's program for realizing the import substiutsi program of up to 35 percent in 2022 as well as being the embodiment of the roadmap making for Indonesia 4.0 for the textile sector, "said Elis.

Until the end of 2020, Elis explained that home textile products contributed 10% exports of the Indonesian Textile and Textile Product Industry (TPT) which reached 10.55 billion USD.

There are 205 home textile companies with a workforce of 35,720 people with superior product types, namely towels, bed linen, curtains and so on.

"Not only supporting the trend of sustainable textiles, quality collaboration between APR and Wiska also supports the government's commitment to using original domestic products Proud of Indonesia and in line with the spirit of "Everything Indonesia" is encouraged by APR, ”said the Director of APR, Basrie Kamba.

For the first stage, the Eco Pure S product variants launched were towels, bathrobes, turbans, headbands, blankets and house slippers.

All of these products are marketed in Shopee and Tokopedia online stores as well as Yogya offline stores.

Until 2021, PT Wiska targets to market its products to 50 retail stores throughout Indonesia.

PT Wiska has been known as a producer and exporter in the home textile segment.

The presence of Eco Pure S is currently considered appropriate to be used as protection during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The antimicrobial properties in towel products can ward off microbes, bacteria and fungi from various potential diseases that can withstand up to 30 x washes.

Besides being able to ward off potential diseases, Eco Pure S uses raw materials APR rayon fiber is environmentally friendly due to its renewable and biodegradable properties.

In accordance with the 3 S concept, the Eco Pure S has strong but permanent endurance provides the softness characteristic of the rayon-cotton material used.

"In the midst of the world's demands for sustainable products, we launched Eco Pure S products that use sustainable and own APR rayon fiber many advantages, "said Andrew Haryanto, owner of PT Wiska.

He explained that Eco Pure S could ward off potential disease during a pandemic.