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Minister of Manpower (Menaker) Ida Fauziyah opened his voice regarding the rampant layoffs (PHK) in the country's manufacturing industry, especially textile and footwear factories that are export-oriented to Europe and the United States (US). Ida Fauziyah said the government had provided concessions with various conditions in anticipation of suppressing potential layoffs in the future. "We have anticipated this, yes, with Permenaker Number 5 as an effort to suppress layoffs," Ida Fauziyah told reporters at the Pullman Hotel, Central Jakarta, Monday (15/5/2023).

The government through the Ministry of Manpower has also made various other efforts, such as mediation indicated by workers' reports so that layoffs do not occur. Ida said layoffs should really be the last resort.

"The policy given by the government is in order to keep them working, we do a lot of mediations but we don't publish them so they don't cause anxiety and that, thank God, was successful," he explained.

Ida herself cannot say for sure how long this condition will last. But he hopes the manufacturing industry can recover soon.

"Actually, the condition, especially earlier, for European and American exports was indeed not in good condition and we are anticipating it, but we hope that conditions will improve," Ida said.

Nevertheless, said Ida, there are not a few industries from many sectors that are growing well again.

"Indeed there are industries that are not growing well, but not a few industries are growing well, many sectors, thank God, are recovering well," he said.

According to Ida, the trend of unemployment in Indonesia has decreased compared to previous years.

"The trend is that our unemployment will decrease compared to 2020, 2021, 2022," said Ida.

Furthermore, related to the existence of companies that terminate employment relations unilaterally. The Ministry of Manpower in this case, said Ida, would certainly take action by holding a meeting with social security (social security) officials.

"We will call (social security) usually, we sit together so that workers' rights are also not fulfilled," concluded Ida.