The government encourages national Muslim feysen industry players to be more competitive, to penetrate foreign markets.

The Ministry of Industry scheduled a virtual exhibition for the Indonesia Industrial Moslem Exhibition ii-Motion on June 3-5, 2021, to introduce superior Muslim fashion products.

"This activity simultaneously shows the development of the trend of the halal industry in Indonesia, including in the Muslim fashion industry sector," said the Director General of Small and Medium Industries and Various of the Ministry of Industry Gati Wibawaningsih in Jakarta, Tuesday (4/5).

ii-Motion was held with the theme 'Local is The New Global'. It is hoped that it can encourage the halal lifestyle product industry to continue to innovate and be adaptive to current market needs.

Gati also explained that the presence of the exhibition was encouraged by the cooperation of the government, designers and various stakeholders. Will raise the image of Indonesian Muslim fashion so as to facilitate the achievement of Indonesia's target as the world's Muslim fashion center in 2021.

At the ii-Motion 2021 event, most exhibitors came from small and medium industries or IKM in the fashion sector. "It is undeniable that Indonesia is the third largest consumer of apparel among OIC member countries, after Turkey and the United Arab Emirates," he added.

Indonesian Muslim fashion consumption reaches US $ 21 billion. Meanwhile, world Muslim fashion consumption is estimated to reach US $ 402 billion in 2024. This opportunity needs to be achieved by Indonesia.

Gati said that Indonesia has the potential to become a major player in the world's Muslim fashion industry, because it has a variety of products, the existence of the Muslim fashion community, as well as Muslim fashion associations that are scattered in various regions.

"The fashion industry contributes quite a lot to the national economy. The clothing industry is closely related to the textile industry, "he said.

Based on the Ministry of Industry's records, the contribution of the textile and apparel industry reached 6.76% of the non-oil and gas processing industry in 2020.

In ii-Motion 2021, various local Muslim fashion brands will showcase and sell premium quality products. Some of them are the winning works of the 2020 Modest Fashion Project (MOFP) competition held by the Directorate General of IKMA.

MOFP is a Muslim fashion design and business concept competition that has been held every year since 2018. The winners are entitled to receive prizes and industrial business development from the Directorate General of IKMA.

"We invite all Muslim designers to participate in ii-Motion 2021. This program was initiated by the Ministry of Industry to bring together producers of the halal industry with domestic and foreign markets," said Gati.

Evolve to Follow Market Trends

According to Gati, Indonesian Muslim fashion products continue to grow in line with market trends and needs. Therefore, a large-scale exhibition is needed so that Indonesian products are increasingly recognized in the world arena.

"This at the same time encourages the growth of our exports (Muslim fashion) which is only 3.8% of the total world halal market," said Gati.

Not only product exhibitions, ii-Motion will also feature fashion shows, hijab demos, make-up, cooking demonstrations, barista demos and various webinars and talk shows. With the topic of the halal industry and its development in Indonesia, access to sharia financing, and raising the superior potential of local halal food through innovation.

The exhibition will be attended by one of the MOFP winners who will display their products in ii-Motion 2021, namely designer Putroh Ramadhan.

He will introduce Nusantara woven fabrics to be used as outer, dress, vest, and pants. Its products carry the tagline Authentic Chic with Ethnic.

As the winning designer for MOFP 2021, Putroh continues to strive to find design inspiration from various Indonesian literature. "I always apply special techniques to my designs, so that it becomes the hallmark of the designs I make," said Putroh.

Besides that, there is also Allemong Arjun Putra which is famous for its products in the form of outer, shirts and pants made of linen. A batik clothing manufacturer with distinctive patchwork from Bandung under the brand name Bellahasura Jaya Abadi.

The fashion products are unique with the application of patchwork embroidery and written batik dresses with a combination of corduroy materials.

There is also the Sideline modest wear brand, which will showcase Livia outer products made of satin mix organza with bright colors, which is one of the unique products.