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Cheap imported products are widely circulating in e-commerce with products priced at unreasonable prices, even classified as too very cheap. This indicates that there is a price subsidy to kill domestic MSME players.

E-commerce that trades cheap products that are traded enters through the Bonded Logistics Center (PLB). Business circles also admit that PLB is a gateway for imported goods to enter the market.

PLB is a bonded storage place to store goods originating outside the customs area and/or goods originating from other places within the customs area, may be accompanied by 1 (one) or more simple activities within a certain period of time to be re-issued.

"It's true that PLB is often used to enter illegal goods. In fact, the purpose of the PLB facility is to speed up and facilitate the checking of imported goods," said General Chairperson of the Indonesian Exporter Entrepreneurs Association (GPEI) Benny Soetrisno.

The entry of illegal goods certainly needs attention. There is the potential for the state to lose large taxes because the incoming goods escaped without clear procedures. If this continues, it is not impossible that the loss of state revenue will increase.

Two aspects that need attention are the matter of system tightening and supervision of officers in the field. It is not impossible that there are officers who flirt to get personal gain, Benny did not deny that these two factors caused the PLB to leak.

"It is very possible (system factors and officers)," he said.

This PLB is a customs area and is fully under the supervision of the Directorate General of Customs and Excise, Ministry of Finance.

Minister of Cooperatives and SMEs Teten Masduki explained that even before it went viral in the public, this problem had been sought for a joint solution with the Ministry of Trade regarding predatory pricing in e-commerce so that it did not continue. In addition, in several regulations the Minister of Trade also had electronic system rules to prioritize MSME products rather than foreign products.

He confirmed that there were cases where the sale of imported Chinese goods on one of the digital platforms at very cheap prices, which made domestic MSME products less competitive.

"This is a dangerous time bomb for digital market trading. We have communicated with the digital platform earlier and with the trade it looks like we need to arrange the matter of price discounts. Currently, there is a regulatory vacuum,” explained Teten.