Exporters of textiles and textile products (TPT) complained about the high cost of cargo which had an effect on the decrease in the frequency of goods delivery.

The chairman of the Indonesian Textile Association (API) Bali Dolly Suthajaya said the Covid-19 pandemic had also had an impact on decreasing air and sea transportation traffic. This causes the price of aircraft cargo to increase and the availability of containers to meet export needs is scarce.

"Before the pandemic, there were many flights abroad, so cargo costs were more affordable. Now, we use special logistical aircraft, and even then, the costs are high and rarely available," he said.

Based on data from the Bali Department of Industry and Trade (Disperindag), the realization of textile industry exports in January - May 2021 was worth IDR 22 billion, down 52 percent compared to the same period the previous year (yoy). Meanwhile, when compared to 2019, the decline was recorded deeper or reached 57 percent.

According to Dolly, the price of cargo on air transportation is now 100 times higher than before the pandemic.

He gave an example that TPT exports from Bali to America cost Rp. 180 million, while previously it was worth Rp. 70 million with the same capacity of 20 feet. This condition causes the price of Balinese products in the export market to soar or far above other textile exporting countries.

"This is very unfortunate, even though despite the pandemic, the demand from America is still there, it's only hampered during the delivery process," he added.

Despite the high logistics costs, he continued, the textile industry on the Island of the Gods still relies on foreign markets rather than domestic ones. Because, after Covid-19 appeared in March 2020, the sales of this industry, which is said to be one of the backbones of manufacturing, has recorded a decline of up to 60 percent.