The Regional National Crafts Council (Dekranasda) of Sabu Raijua Regency held a training on making souvenirs of a combination of ikat on November 08 - November 13, 2021. Knitting training was provided by Febby Nitte from November 8-10, 2021 for 20 participants while Erwin Yuan and Jey Talo provided training on making modified woven outfits/clothes on November 11-13, 2021 for 10 participants. Head of the Dekranasda Sabu Raijua, Marthina Rihi Heke-Raga Lay said the activity was carried out with the aim of empowering the Sabu Raijua community, especially mothers, so that they have skills.

 "The potential for ikat weaving is available, but the people of Sabu only prioritize large products such as clothing and others, but waste or patchwork from tailors is thrown away," said Marthina, Saturday, November 13, 2021.

Seeing these conditions, he continued, as chairman of the Dekranasda Sabu Raijua together with the management tried to make this activity.

"I am very grateful to all the resource persons who have given their knowledge to the Sarai community," he said.

He revealed that the participants were very enthusiastic about what was given by the resource person because what was taught was very touching on the needs, especially the products produced were simple and simple that could be made by participants such as cellphone bags, bandanas, brooches, necklaces, table cloths, scarves, sarongs. bottles of hand sanitizer and others.

"From this result, apart from their own needs, they are also able to sell and this opens up business opportunities, although small, they can help the family's economy," he said.


Meanwhile, the training on making modified clothing, continued Marthina, was also very useful for participants who were taught fashion design development techniques for industry and how to combine woven motifs with textile fabrics, starting from how to measure the body, make patterns, designs to changing basic patterns according to design drawings, sewing and manufacturing of products.

"So far, tailors have only focused on sewing with full motifs. With this training, they feel they have gained additional knowledge. From the training, there are products that have been completed, some have not, depending on the level of difficulty of the work," explained Marthina.

Meanwhile, Deputy Chairperson of the Dekranasda Sabu Raijua, Merriyanti Octoviana Djami who is also a participant in the activity, admitted that there were four things that were obtained as the output of this souvenir making training.

"The first can add skills or skills as trainees, second, can train us in terms of patience, concentration and perseverance, third, can increase the creative economy in the household, fourth, can pass these skills on to other people or future generations," he said. .

Merriyanti hopes that the training on making souvenirs from the combination of ikat will continue to grow and advance, being known not only domestically but internationally.

"The participants who have been trained will be more proficient and more advanced and produce new innovations again. Thank you also to the resource person, Mrs. Febby Nitte, who has trained us on how to make souvenirs, in this case, knitting with the Combination of Ikat Weaving," he said.

"Participants are trained to have a professional mindset. Not only produce finished products but produce quality products with standard packaging and are sold by means of digitalization promotions. Participants are also directed to become YouTubers and marketing salespeople so that in the future it is hoped that all Sarai tourism destinations will not only be able to sell the beauty of the natural panorama, but also can be a place for promotion and sale of local people's handicrafts, one of which is the handicrafts from this training," explained Febby.

He continued, the training did end but the assistance from the resource persons continued through the WhatsApp group.