After 30 years of existence, the textile finishing factory PT Indratex in Tirto, Pekalongan Regency finally collapsed. Hundreds of workers also demanded clarity on their rights in a bipartite meeting, Thursday (13/1/2022). The chairman of the Pekalongan Regency SPN DPC, Ali Sholeh, said that the management of PT Indratex at the end of December 2021 stated that the factory had officially closed. Management asked for three months to sell the factory. If three months have not been sold, it will be submitted to the bank to sell it. “We are legally conducting the first bipartite negotiations. The point is to ask if the factory closes our severance pay and when will it be received. The point is asking for clarity," said Ali Sholeh.

Mentioned, the total employees in this factory there are 100 people. The factory has been operating since 1992. “This is a finishing service factory. The reason the factory was closed was because of its financial condition," he explained.

It is said, many employees at the factory are entering retirement age. So employees who enter retirement age or age 58 years must be included in retirement. The rest is calculated once the regulation of the minister of manpower. "Because until now the company has not been able to show evidence of bankruptcy. If the evidence of bankruptcy can be shown through a public accountant, half of it, "he explained.

He added that the management participated in the negotiations via video call because they were in Bandung, there was an agreement that they would send the severance pay file to the management for study. "On Saturday, we plan to meet again," he added.