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A total of 60 residents of Temanggung Regency received training in the development of fashion products derived from natural textile dyes. The training for community economic development in Temanggung Regency was opened by Deputy Regent of Temanggung Heri Ibnu Wibowo at UMK Shibiru, Ngadirejo, Temanggung, Wednesday (22/6/2022). Activities organized by the STAPA Center in collaboration with Sampoerna for Indonesia and UMK Shibiru include training in sewing, dyeing fabrics and threads and shibori. This training is part of the "Economic Urban Vulnerabilty Empowernment" program.

The focus of the training was directed at developing products derived from natural textile dyes. Shibiru UMK is a producer of natural dyes made from the Indigo Strobilanthes Cusia plant and mangrove waste, so this product is environmentally friendly.

Heri Ibnu Wibowo said that this activity aims to improve skills in making fashion and producing finished goods so that they can reach markets with economic value and competitiveness. "We appreciate this activity because by increasing people's efforts it can lift the economy in Temanggung Regency, especially if the product can be exported abroad, it will be an added value for the national economy," he said.

He hopes that this activity can be a solution with various market demands that continue to increase, so there is a need for finished goods products because so far, finished materials derived from natural dyes are still difficult with excess market demand. "This activity is expected to lift people's businesses and reach a wider market both domestically and abroad," said Sampoerna's representative for Indonesia Kukuh Dwi Kristianto.

Kukuh conveyed that through the CSR scheme with the tagline Sampoerna For Indonesia, PT HM Sampoerna Tbk is committed to improving the economy of the people in Temanggung and contributing to national economic recovery.

Director of STAPA Center Agus Rohmatulloh said that the collaboration with Sampoerna For Indonesia helps business actors in Temanggung Regency to increase productivity, especially products made from natural dyes which are in great demand by the market. "Hopefully this activity can be useful in developing the community's economy in Temanggung Regency," he said.