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Taiwan's textile machinery industry has an outstanding global reputation for its ability to produce exceptional products. With its emphasis on high quality and reliable service, the industry excels in providing flexible technology and textile integrated systems. To show the latest developments in Taiwan's textile machinery to Indonesian companies, a webinar was held on March 30, 2021.

Organized by the Bureau of Foreign Trade (BOFT), MOEA, Taiwan, ROC, and the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), representatives of four machine companies Taiwan's leading textiles, namely: LOGIC ART AUTOMATION, PAILUNG MACHINERY MILL, ACME MACHINERY INDUSTRY, and HSING CHENG MACHINERY, presented their sophisticated products. The event attracted more than 792 viewers.

The chairman of the Indonesian Textile Association (API), Jemmy Kartiwa Sastraatmaja, stated in his introduction that the Indonesian textile industry was reviving from the downturn of Covid-19. A gradual recovery has begun with the assistance of the Government of Indonesia. The Indonesian textile industry, from upstream to downstream, is heading towards Industry 4.0. When textile companies start replacing old equipment with the latest innovations, Taiwanese textile machines will be of great help in Indonesia's digital transformation. He believes that the event will provide a glimpse into Taiwan's newest textile machine technology and also provide valuable information to viewers and Indonesian textile companies.

Former chairman of API, Ade Sudrajat highlighted the fact that the Indonesian textile industry is experiencing a recovery in the first quarter of 2021 with a growth rate of 14% YoY. The Indonesian textile industry is getting hope because textile companies follow industry trends. In the fourth quarter of 2020, there was a continuous increase in the import value of textile machinery from Taiwan. Taiwan's advanced technology is expected to continue to provide benefits to the Indonesian textile industry in the new era of Industry 4.0.

In the main part of the webinar, Taiwan Excellence Award-winning companies introduce their latest solutions and technologies:


LOGIC ART- Dye-House Total Solution

Logic Art, the only integrated company providing the only “Dye House-Total Solution” in the world, offers total solutions for the textile dyeing industry. They carry out and integrate the coloring processes, such as dye storage, lab for color management, central control for stenter machines and dyeing machines. Solutions include an Automatic Powder Dyestuff Weighing System, an Automatic Chemical Distribution System (Supplement), an Automatic Dyestuff Dissolution and Distribution System with RFID, a Lab Dispenser System, and a Control Center. Logic Art is making significant efforts to enhance their complete solution and support the textile dyeing industry to achieve smart and integrated production.


PAILUNG- Why Smart Knitting?

Bankruptcy, which for several years focused on smart knitting projects, has changed due to the wave of Industry 4.0. Pailung has launched MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and POMS (Pailung Online Monitoring System) to respond to a varied market and complex data management. Their smart knitting machines provide services including optimizing adjustment time and machine accuracy, increasing the effectiveness of stock management and machine maintenance, accelerating the response from the manufacturing side to market needs, increasing product repeatability in production, effective data management in database knitting, and management and communication. effective remote control in the post-pandemic era.


ACME- New Generation Eco-Friendly Intelligent Conveyer Drive Dyeing Machine

ACME introduces their revolutionary product, the AM-ICD Intelligent Conveyer Drive High Pressure Constant Speed ​​Dyeing Machine. It is equipped with a conveyor to drive fabrics instead of floating dye fluids and is able to save more than 65% of water, steam, electricity and additional energy, as well as reduce wastewater and CO2 emissions by up to 65%. This machine has obtained more than 20 invention patents worldwide and a total of more than 200 patent certificates.


HSING CHENG- Continuous Washing Range in Rope Form

HSING CHENG launched a new product, the Continuous Washing Machine, which provides a wide range of applications that can save 379 tons of water, 335.7 kilowatts of electricity, 33.1 tons of steam than many conventional dyes in the reduction cleaning process. This substantially reduces production costs in response to increased sustainable development.


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