2020 has passed as a quite tough year for the national textile industry which must experience a deep contraction in utilization due to COVID-19. Even though in the last 3 months there has been an improvement in utilization, the threat of this pandemic continues to haunt and create uncertainties in business conditions. In other side, the agenda to improve the performance which includes trade policies and improving competitiveness which are still homework for all stake holders.

However, the hope of restoring the glory of the national textile is still there and continues to strengthen in 2021. Several draft government regulations in the Industry and trade sector are expected to be a tool for the textile sector to regain control of the domestic market and become a legal umbrella for changes in trade regulations and implementation of trade remedies. Coupled with the draft government regulations related to the environment and labor, it is hoped that it will provide a positive sentiment to increase competitiveness.

Happy New Year 2021, we will continue to strengthen our enthusiasm and hope of restoring the glory of Indonesian textiles.

Best Regards,

Editorial Team