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The designers are committed to reducing textile waste through sustainable fashion, as seen in the 2021 Muslim Fashion Festival (Muffest).

The event, which is present in five cities in Indonesia, including the city of Surabaya, exhibits hundreds of clothes with the concept of less waste.

"We hope that both actors and consumers are more aware of the importance of sustainable fashion. We can change old collections to be more in line with trends," said Chairman of the Indonesian Fashion Chamber (IFC) National Ali Kharisma.

In the press conference which was conducted in a hybrid manner, he also invited the fashion industry players not to overproduce goods.

"This activity also aims to rebuild the fashion industry. We need to hold hands, move together, and encourage one another," he said.

In Surabaya, Muffest 2021 features many works from 25 seasoned designers. Not only from East Java, a number of fashion designers also came from outside such as Bandung and Yogyakarta.

"The enthusiasm of designers is very good. However, we are limiting it so that it is not too much," said PIC Muffest 2021 Surabaya and designer Alben Ayub Andal.

The designers focus on creating old collections or re-upcycling them to make them more trendy.

"In the past, we sold new clothes. But now we are upgrading old clothes that haven't been sold yet," he said

The clothes that were displayed looked more edgy with various applications of sequins, patchwork, chains, and so on

Mostly, one look consists of several fashion items such as outer so that they can be mixed and matched.

"At this Muffest, I also brought upcycle clothes which will be exhibited on April 9, 2021," said Alben.

Likewise, the designer Alphiana Chandrajani, who carried the reborn concept. He brings old clothes that are recycled to make them more attractive.

"I combined plain Jepara troso weaving with blue denim and textured cotton polyester materials," he explained.

The collection, which carries green, brown, and blue legs, consists of a long blouse or tunic, wide pants, a volume bubble skirt, a vest, and a stylish short outer.

"With mix and match and a little unloading and upcycle techniques, God willing, this collection will provide a different color," Alphiana concluded.