Business actors in the textile and textile product (TPT) industry stated that they were ready to carry out independent vaccinations by spending money from the company's pockets. This proposal was also conveyed to the Government, especially the Ministry of Industry. One of the points that business actors demand is transparency regarding the price of vaccines for independent vaccination. Business actors can spend money as long as the price is reasonable.

"At the meeting two weeks ago, we had a talk with the Minister of Industry, if we can cooperate with the textile industry with the Ministry of Health and BUMN, maybe we can know the price of vaccines per person along with the health workers," said Chairman of the Indonesian Textile Association (API), Jemmy Kartiwa Sastraatmaja.

This process has to go through quite a long stage because until now the Government has not provided the procedures, only to open options. When there is a clear procedure and the price is also right, it is not impossible that independent vaccination will take place soon.

"If it is affordable, we will disseminate it to our members so that employees are vaccinated independently, so that an acceleration of herd immunity can be achieved, economic recovery can be helped," he said.

In order to facilitate independent vaccination, talks were also connected with the Indonesian Employers' Association (Apindo) and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin). Currently, Kadin has opened registration for interested business actors.

"Our wish is as soon as possible, if possible March, April so that there is also peace for the textile industry," said Jemmy.