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The Customs and Excise Service Supervision and Customs Office (KPUBC TMP) C Palangka Raya, Central Kalimantan confirmed that it would bring back all illegal imported used clothes in the area. "We will bring back all illegal imported used clothing in Palangka Raya City and cooperate with relevant agencies," said Head of the Subsection of Enforcement of KPUBC TMP C Palangka Raya Andrianto, Sunday He revealed that this control was carried out to protect the public to be more careful in using used clothing products, especially when checked in the laboratory, these contain fungi which if used for a long time will damage the skin.

"The import of used clothing is damaging the domestic industry. The trade in used clothing is not prohibited, but it is not imported. But we must be proud to use our own domestic products," said Andrianto.

He added that he would not hesitate to regulate and secure the sale of illegally imported used clothes, especially with the support of officers and so on.

"We will apply the same, mas, if it violates the applicable rules and regulations, we will confiscate it," said Andrianto.

In addition, he conveyed, the security is also related to the protection of the textile industry and domestic textile products. This is because the import of used clothing is damaging the domestic industry.

"We are only doing security and at the same time we want to educate the public regarding the dangers of using used clothes. One of them is mushrooms, so that people can be more careful," he said.

Previously, KPUBC TMP C Palangka Raya confiscated 27 bales of used clothes illegally imported in a place in the area of ​​Jalan Temanggung Tilung, Menteng Village, Jekan Raya District.

"Until now, the confiscated items are still there and intact. And it is planned to be destroyed while waiting for technical instructions from Mas's leadership," he said.

Andrianto also said that illegal used clothing imports often enter through small ports or commonly known as rat ports in Indonesia.

"Usually they enter through rat ports from various countries. For that we continue to coordinate with the Directorate General of Customs and Excise in conducting supervision," he said.

Used clothes are goods that are prohibited from importing based on Regulation of the Minister of Trade Number 18 of 2021 as amended by Regulation of the Minister of Trade Number 40 of 2022 concerning Amendment to Regulation of the Minister of Trade Number 18 of 2021 concerning Goods Prohibited from Exporting and Goods Prohibited from Importing.