Textile business is so far still having big role in the national economy. The world textile trade value is now reaching to about US$ 1,5 trillion. A hundred thousand of companies and a hundred million of labours are getting active business spreading out in 200 countries in the world. For some major textile producing countries like Indonesia, the textile industry has important role in earning foreign exchange and absorbing huge workers.

It drives tight competition either among the companies (individually) or among the exporting countries (collectively). The competitions triggered the textile players to be more effective and have improvement in company’s performance. Here, the quick and accurate information and communication as well as easy to access are being important need. The players must be able to contact efficiently to buyers and suppliers. They must also get market information and search raw material quickly and accurately. Other information as source of analysing condition of business environment is a part of the new trend.

Responding this phenomenon, www.indotextiles.com as one of the online information sources of textile business, in 2008 has new developments addressed to be more increasing website function for the players in this sector. The development was carried out by adding more informative features and giving opportunity to the businessmen to have communicating among them. By more elegant display as well as easier to understand (user-friendly), it is being favourite site to the textile businessmen mainly in Indonesia.

In since 2009, we publish “Indotextiles E-Magazine as a new format of information media for the textile businesspeople, it’s not only providing information regarding with world of textile but also discussing many new issues, including the future trend of textile industry and trade. The media, which is published monthly, is becoming very important the textile industry and trade either in Indonesia or in the world.






Media classification    : Web media

Language                        : English

Up-date Frequency      : Daily

Visitor                              : 30.000 visitors (per month in 2022)

Hits                                    : 200.000 hits (per month 2022) 


Indotextiles E-Magazine

Media Classification    : Electronic Magazine (PDF Format)

Language                        : English                

Frequency                       : Monthly         

Circulation                      : Reach more than 7000 reader by email, whatsup group, Line and other social

  media. Also available download on website. (All free to subscribe and share)




  • Fiber Industry : Cotton producer/agent, synthetic fiber industry, rayon fiber industry, and

  other fiber industry.

  • Textile Industry : Weaving, spinning, knitting, dyeing, printing, finishing, garment non-woven,

  embroidery, and other textile products.

  • Chemical industry : Dyeing substance industry/agent and other supporting substances.
  • Supporting industry: Machine/spare part producer/agent, accessories industry/agent, banking,

    insurance, consultant, transportation (shipping line), and other supporting


  • Other : Government, international organization, training and education institutions,

  and others relating to the textile industry.



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