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The wave of layoffs (PHK) in the country's labor-intensive industries has apparently not ended. After massive layoffs at the footwear (shoes) factory, now thousands of workers have also become victims of the garment factory layoffs. Not just layoffs, related companies are also reported to have had to completely close their factories because they could no longer survive and continue production. "Currently there are 3 garment factories that are in negotiations because the companies have difficulty paying severance pay. In Bandung, Solo, Pekalongan," said Chairman of the Indonesian Filament Fiber and Yarn Association (APSyFi) Redma Gita Wirawasta, Tuesday (30/5/2023).

Issuer provider of cloth, uniforms and fashion, PT Trisula Textile Industri Tbk (BELL) is optimistic that the trend of improving performance in the first quarter of 2023 will continue in the second quarter of 2023. BELL Corporate Secretary Terry Aditya said that in the first quarter of 2023, BELL's performance was supported by the procurement of fabrics. He explained that the fabrics produced are usually customized orders or according to customer orders. "So different customers will have different specifications, so BELL can adjust to requests from customers. This includes fire retardant fabrics, so here the product development process also plays an important role in continuously improving the quality of BELL fabrics," he explained, Monday ( 29/5).

Easylink, an international payment service provider, has now opened transaction services to China by marking its participation in the China Homelife trade exhibition which took place on 24-26 May 2023 at the Jakarta International Expo. China Homelife is attended by professional trade suppliers from China with products covering a wide range of industries such as textiles and garments, building materials, households, industrial machinery, computers, IT, telecommunications, electronics and auto parts. Every year, more than 5,000 exhibitors and nearly 300,000 buyers attend the China Homelife trade show, achieving over US$1 billion in deals.

Economist at the Center of Reform on Economics (CORE) Indonesia, Yusuf Rendy Manilet, believes that the potential for the continuation of the current debt crisis in the United States (US) is the weakening or slowing down of the US economy itself. However, the crisis can also have direct and indirect impacts on the economies of global countries, including Indonesia. "In the context of the direct impact of various export products, which so far have made the United States (US) the main export destination, they will make adjustments or their performance will slow down following the pattern of economic slowdown caused by the debt crisis," he said, Sunday (28/5/2023) .

The Association of Fiber and Filament Yarn Producers (Apsyfi) revealed that the condition of the domestic textile industry is on the brink of disaster. Now, domestic market-oriented companies are most threatened with bankruptcy. APSyFI Chairperson Redma Wirawasta said, in the third and fourth quarters of 2022, companies aiming for the export market were disrupted. This is because many countries have closed their doors to exports due to declining economic conditions. However, in the first quarter of 2023, the replacement of companies with domestic market goals is threatened.