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The Governor of West Sumatra, Buya Mahyeldi appreciates the collaboration between the West Sumatra Province Tourism Office and West Sumatra Dekranasda and districts and cities so that they can present new creations from West Sumatra's original textile crafts in the form of woven and ready-to-wear batik by designers at the Minangkabau Fashion Festival. The highlight of the Minangkabau Fashion Festival, which was also combined with the Minang Photo Raun photography contest, was opened directly by Governor Mahyeldi, located on Jl. Batang Arau, to be precise under the Siti Nurbaya Bridge, Padang, Sunday (11/13/2022) evening.

The Governor of Central Java, Ganjar Pranowo, received a visit from the Indonesian Ambassador to France, Mohamad Oemar at Puri Gedeh, Semarang City on Monday (14/11) afternoon. During the meeting, the two discussed the potential for economic cooperation between Central Java and France in terms of exporting local products from Central Java to France. Even though several MSME products have been exported to France, such as a container of Solo UMKM products some time ago, Ganjar explained that all products to be exported must still pay attention to quality.

In recent times, the condition of the Majalaya Textile Small and Medium Industry (IKM) has experienced a decline in turnover. The flood of imported products is indicated to be the cause of the decline in turnover. Agus Ruslan, one of the Majalaya textile IKM players, said the condition of the textile and textile product business is currently experiencing a sluggishness caused by a number of things, both a flood of imported products to the Covid-19 pandemic. "Overall, the Majalaya textile SMI is currently experiencing a decline. Orders are only 25% coming in from usual," said Agus, Sunday, November 13, 2022.

The Labor Union denies any mass layoffs that have occurred in Bandung Regency in recent times. The issue of mass layoffs has been widely discussed, it is even mentioned that in West Java, 79,000 workers were laid off due to difficult economic conditions. Most of the mass layoffs occurred in the textile and textile product industry. Although most of the massive layoffs occurred in Sukabumi and Subang Regencies. However, Bandung district is an area that has labor-intensive industries such as textiles and garments.

The storm of layoffs (PHK) in various industries in the country continues to trigger fears of stagflation approaching Indonesia. This wave of mass layoffs started with a decline in demand in the export market, even up to 50%. This condition was triggered by the economic slowdown in export destination countries. Coupled with hyperinflation in winter, which forces consumers in these countries to prioritize buying food and energy. The number of layoffs in the labor-intensive sector has reportedly reached more than 70 thousand people at this time. Starting from being laid off, until contract employees no longer have their contract periods extended, as well as permanent employee layoffs.