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The Minister of Industry (Menperin) Agus Gumiwang Kartasmita inaugurated a total of 17 Primary Executive Officers and Main Expert Functional Officers within the Ministry of Industry (Kemenperin), Friday (21/1). On the occasion, 15 Echelon II-level Officials were inaugurated as well as two Main Expert Functional Officials to improve the performance of the Ministry of Industry. The Minister of Industry is reorganizing its ranks in order to accelerate the implementation of activities and increase performance productivity in 2022.


Indonesian products continue to face obstacles from the authorities of other countries, one of which is India. Initially, the country led by Narendra Modi was going to impose an anti-dumping import duty (BMAD) for polyester spun yarn (PSY) products, but the plan was cancelled. "PSY is a textile product with a fairly large export value to India. This cancellation is certainly good news for Indonesian exporters in order to maintain and increase the export value of this superior product to India, especially during the post-pandemic recovery period," said Trade Minister Muhammad Lutfi in an official statement, Friday (21/1/22).

The assets of the Texmaco Group were confiscated by the Bank Indonesia Liquidity Assistance (BLBI) and are about to be auctioned off by the government. Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Mahfud MD said the assets confiscated from the Texmaco Group were estimated at a total value of Rp 5.2 trillion for several auctions. Texmaco's boss is Marimutu Sanivasan. In his family business, Sanivasan was not the first in the fabric business, but instead his father. "His father, Sinnaja Marimutu, who was involved in the batik trade with Malaya, moved from Medan to Central Java during the confrontation with Malaysia in the 1960s," writes Yasutani Shimpmura in The Role of Governance in Asia (2003:116).


Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman decided to postpone the increase in VAT or GST rates on textile products this year in order to maintain business continuity in India. Nirmala said the PPN Council has actually approved the increase in the textile product tax rate from 5 percent to 12 percent this year. However, the government finally decided to postpone the policy. "We maintain the status quo and decided not to increase [VAT] from 5% to 12%," he said, Thursday (20/01/2022). The finance minister explained that the delay in increasing the VAT rate on textile products was due to the sector contributing a lot to the Indian economy.


The Indonesian Coal Mining Association (APBI-ICMA) assesses that the management of coal procurement by PLN has contributed to the commodity supply crisis. PLN is encouraged to improve procurement governance to secure supply. This was stated by the Executive Director of APBI-ICMA, Hendra Sinadia in front of Commission VI DPR RI, Wednesday (19/1). This BUMN partner has begun to explore how the governance in the national coal industry actually causes a supply crisis for PLN's needs which has occurred recently.