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Police terror conspired with Bankrupt debtor PT. The Rama Gloria Sakti Textile Industry has been going on since last March and was faced by Dr Hadi Pranoto SH MH as Attorney for the Curator Della Anggun Paramita and Yakub Miradi by asking the President for protection to the East Java Police Chief. He filed a complaint to the President because he was a bankrupt debtor who had a naughty attitude who incidentally was a Christian priest, whom Pastor Dr S.K MBA knew was the highest leader of a church association that conspired with police officers to thwart the purpose of bankruptcy which is a major program of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia in order to overcome difficulties. - liquidity difficulties for creditors due to debtors being unable to pay their debts.

The police at the request of the rogue debtor argued that the curator had committed criminal acts of forgery of letters and money laundering. The police are not precise, that is, they are not transparent, what is meant by falsification of letters and money laundering carried out by the Curator when carrying out his duties carrying out the mandate of the UUK PKPU, said Dr Hadi Pranoto SH MH as the Curator's attorney.

According to Hadi, it is necessary to know "that 1000% there was no forgery of letters and money laundering. All of these were illusions and even hallucinations of police officers who were drunk with naughty debtors, Hadi mocked. Tuesday, September 13, 2022.

Furthermore, the DPT or Fixed Receivable List, is the original letter. Not a fake letter. Not forgery of letters, not even giving false information on authentic deeds, explained the former Chairman of the Public Service Commission (KPP) of East Java Province. Moreover, far from being roasted, there are accusations that the Curator Team is doing money laundering.

"Ugh, what the hell is the police doing," grumbled the former Steering Committee of the East Java Regional Campaign Team for the Jokowi-Ma'ruf Amin victory.

In the face of police terror which was initiated by the report of the bankrupt debtor on the same day and date as the investigation warrant and summons to the curator, Hadi Pranoto has three times sent letters to the President to the East Java Police Chief.

At this time, the Propam Division of the National Police Headquarters reacted. An investigation has begun by delegating it to the Wassidik Bureau, Bareskrim Polri Headquarters. Hopefully this can be a means to enforce the UUK PKPU.

So that the Marwah of the Police as a State tool that functions to maintain security, order, law enforcement, protectors, protection and community services can be maintained, maintained and cleaned from naughty police officers.