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The Governor of Central Java, Ganjar Pranowo, received a visit from the Indonesian Ambassador to France, Mohamad Oemar at Puri Gedeh, Semarang City on Monday (14/11) afternoon. During the meeting, the two discussed the potential for economic cooperation between Central Java and France in terms of exporting local products from Central Java to France. Even though several MSME products have been exported to France, such as a container of Solo UMKM products some time ago, Ganjar explained that all products to be exported must still pay attention to quality.

"We will curate, we will choose which products are really worth sending and at the same time encourage these products to be ready to upgrade. So if you want products to be exported and have high prices, then quality must be number one," explained Ganjar after the meeting.

Ganjar continued, to encourage MSMEs to be more global, strong commitment and synergy are needed starting from the central government, regional heads to the business actors themselves. Such as empowerment, access to capital, e-commerce and promotion methods.

In this way, said Ganjar, local MSMEs will be increasingly taken into account not only in France, but also the whole world will look at local MSMEs which have their own uniqueness from each of their products.

"Almost all ambassadors are always ready to facilitate the establishment of some kind of Indonesian shops there, whatever is being sold. Fashion, textiles or MSME products are in great demand in France," said Ganjar.

Furthermore, Oemar stressed, Central Java Province is one of the best producing regions for MSME products. He conveyed to Ganjar that Central Java MSME products were in high demand in France.

Particularly fashion products and accessories for UMKM in Central Java, which use a lot of environmentally friendly materials. Such as batik products made from recycled materials and handicraft products made from unused materials.

"Central Java has a lot of potential, in the sense of the potential for products that are of interest to be exported to France or for France the potential for investment," said Oemar.

"In terms of products, of course there are many creative products, including fashion and accessories from Central Java, which have a great opportunity to enter France, products that are sustainable and suitable for their materials, processes or functions are good for the environment, which are popular in France," continued Oemar.

Apart from discussing the potential of Central Java's MSMEs, Oemar also conveyed that Central Java's ongoing investment cooperation with France, namely the Wind Power Plant (PLTB) project being built in Brebes and Tegal.

Oemar said that the investment potential of Central Java and France is still very likely to develop into other sectors.

"We also conveyed the investment to the Governor. There are those currently being processed, namely wind power plants that will be made by a French company in collaboration with our BUMN in Brebes and Tegal, and many more," said Oemar.