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The Governor of West Sumatra, Buya Mahyeldi appreciates the collaboration between the West Sumatra Province Tourism Office and West Sumatra Dekranasda and districts and cities so that they can present new creations from West Sumatra's original textile crafts in the form of woven and ready-to-wear batik by designers at the Minangkabau Fashion Festival. The highlight of the Minangkabau Fashion Festival, which was also combined with the Minang Photo Raun photography contest, was opened directly by Governor Mahyeldi, located on Jl. Batang Arau, to be precise under the Siti Nurbaya Bridge, Padang, Sunday (11/13/2022) evening.

In his remarks, the governor said the Minangkabau Fashion Festival was very meaningful in an effort to promote the local wisdom values ​​of West Sumatra, especially textile crafts.

"On behalf of the Provincial Government of West Sumatra, we positively welcome this event. Indeed, this kind of activity is what we hope for because it will raise the local wisdom potentials of West Sumatra," said the governor.

The governor added that the long-known potential of West Sumatra's textile crafts had to be reappointed. Therefore the governor also appreciates the participation of West Sumatra in various exhibitions and festivals in the country and abroad by displaying various typical West Sumatra woven crafts.

Apart from that, similar activities were also said by the governor, very appropriate in supporting the upcoming Visit Beautiful West Sumatra 2023 program. Because of that the governor also requested that clothing designs made from woven materials and typical Minangkabau batik be prepared for men and women.

In the event which was also attended by the West Sumatra Regional Police Chief Inspector General Pol. Suharyono and representatives of the West Sumatra Forkopimda were presented with the best fashion works by young West Sumatran designers for the weaving and batik categories.

From the fashion displayed, the 5 best designs were selected and the awards were given directly by the governor and the West Sumatra Regional Police Chief for each winner.

The Chairperson of West Sumatra Dekranasda, Harneli Mahyeldi or familiarly called Umi Harneli also appreciated the various works of designers who were selected as nominations and were selected as the best. Umi hopes that in the future there will be many more creations that will further elevate the potential of West Sumatra's textile crafts.

"West Sumatra handicrafts always receive positive responses at various exhibitions such as the last Inacraft. That's why we must continue to develop this potential. If we don't use our regional handicrafts, who will," he said

Previously, the Head of the West Sumatra Tourism Office, Luhur Budianda explained that the main purpose of holding the two activities was to reintroduce the potential for the typical textile crafts of West Sumatra which were well known but had subsided due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

"Through this activity we also want to foster the interest and creativity of craftsmen and designers in W Sumatra. As well as strengthening networks with photographer activists from W Sumatra, Riau and Jambi," said Budianda.