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In following up on the rampant sale of illegally imported used branded clothing (thrifting) in the country, the Ministry of Trade (Kemendag) together with the Indonesian Trade Security Committee (KPPI) and the Indonesian Anti-Dumping Committee (KADI) will immediately follow up. This is done by means of temporary security measures and temporary anti-dumping import duties. Head of the Ministry of Trade's Trade Policy Agency, Kasan, said that the existing rules have been clear so far, used clothing or GOMBAL is prohibited from being traded domestically. However, he said that border control outside of customs or ports that may be outside the control of the government is difficult because the number of these ports is quite large.

"Well, I think my friend at Customs and Excise yesterday also took action on several findings which were indeed very detrimental to the domestic textile industry," said Kasan, Friday (6/1/2023).

Thus, Kasan said that in the process of securing domestic textile products, the Ministry of Trade together with KPPI and KADI will apply temporary safeguard measure import duties and temporary anti-dumping import duties.

"Together with KPPI and KADI with the direction of the trade minister, we will do it together. So that the domestic market is strong. So our external (already) is disrupted, yes, we have strengthened the domestic, that is," he said.

The enforcement will later be carried out by KPPI and KADI, and an investigation of about 60 days is still required. Then after an investigation is carried out, the rules of the security measure will apply for 200 days or approximately half a year.

"The 200 days are almost half a year, not bad. It has helped reduce imported goods entering Indonesia through either dumping or surging," he explained.

However, Kasan said that his party did not know the exact time when the investigation began.

"It's up to KPPI when to start the investigation, the main rule is that he is initiated," he said.

"For example, the initiation (carried out) at the end of January, yes, he has counted 60 days at most, a decision must be made, then temporary security or anti-dumping measures are taken," he concluded.