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Billy Linjaya Lesmana is an entrepreneur from Bandung who has raised the Duraking Sports and Outdoor brand. For him, there are many lessons that can be taken from the twists and turns of his business so far. Starting from an individual company owned by his father, which at that time was engaged in the textile fabric and kite yarn industry, Billy decided to get involved in 2006. The first step taken was to change the individual company to PT Pancajaya Sejati. According to Billy, an entrepreneur must have good agile thinking skills because many things must change according to circumstances.

As happened at PT Pancajaya Sejati, it started as a textile fabric and kite yarn industry, then turned into a garment and fishing tackle industry. One of the triggers was the decline of the textile industry in 2009.

“At that time, the textile fabric business was experiencing a sunset, so we finally sold all of our textile machines. Apart from that, the price of the machine is also good, so the decision to exit in 2009 is a good decision in my opinion.”

Then in 2011, Billy decided to develop the fishing equipment industry, armed with his previous experience in the kite string industry. It was then, Duraking was born. After getting into the fishing equipment industry, Billy then saw a business opportunity.

According to him, at that time there were no local brands that provided high-quality apparel for anglers in Indonesia. This anxiety was the start of Duraking's evolution into the garment industry in 2017.

In addition, his foresight in seeing opportunities made Billy begin to see new potentials, namely the emergence of several sports trends, such as the trend of running and cycling. From this trend, the idea was born to make Duraking a “one full stop brand” for various sports and lifestyle activities.

Until now, Duraking products have been exported to various countries and have achieved a turnover of up to IDR 110 billion per year from sales of Duraking Fishing and Duraking Outdoor Sports.

In 2023, in the garment industry segment, Duraking will release products that can be used in various sports and outdoor activities, such as extreme sports, casual sports and street sports. Meanwhile, from the fishing equipment industry segment, Duraking will release a variety of programs that involve the fishing community in it.

This is in line with Billy's latest strategy to make Duraking a top of mind brand for various outdoor activities and to be closer to the community.