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PT Trisula Textile Industries Tbk (BELL), a publicly listed company providing quality fabrics, uniforms and fashion, continues to develop clothing products made from recycled materials in line with the environmental campaign The Rising Tide which is inflamed by the Indonesian Navy. BELL has innovated to develop textile fabrics made from recycled threads as the work of the nation's children, in line with the reduce, reuse and recycle principles in the production policy of using environmentally friendly materials. Meanwhile, The Rising Tide is a collaborative environmental movement between the Indonesian Navy and Mulung Parahita, the Parahita Padma Negara Foundation, which focuses on efforts

to encourage collaborative action with various parties to create a sustainable household waste management ecosystem. Rising Tide, because it is in line with our spirit to run a business while maintaining a sustainable environment," said BELL Corporate Secretary Terry Aditya Zulfianda in a press release in Jakarta yesterday.

He conveyed, BELL's consistency in developing a sustainable business itself had received recognition from the government. Where at the end of last year, BELL won a level 5 green industry award from the Ministry of Industry, which is the highest level award given to companies that apply green industry principles in their production processes.

Increasing the implementation of ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) principles in running a business has succeeded in increasing BELL's efficiency, due to reduced production costs. Efficiency increases occur, among others, in reducing waste rags or rags and hazardous waste produced, efficiency in water use due to the utilization of recycling of liquid waste, as well as efficiency in energy use obtained through increased productivity and quality of production and the use of energy-efficient machines.

As part of The Rising Tide environmental campaign, TNI Commander Admiral Yudo Margono, SE, MM visited the BELL wastewater treatment plant which is part of the company's clothing production process made from recycled materials. This visit is also a form of support for The Rising Tide's environmental campaign for the production of recycled textiles.

On this occasion, the TNI Commander Yudo Margono expressed his appreciation for the Company's efforts in developing a sustainable business with innovative production of the nation's children in the form of textile fabrics made from recycled yarn. In this regard, TNI Commander Yudo Margono has received samples of BELL clothing made using 50% recycled yarn.