PT Trisula International Tbk (TRIS), a listed company providing integrated apparel in the textile and garment sector, aims to increase export sales following predictions of an improvement in the global economy. Bank Indonesia estimates that world economic growth has the potential to be higher than the previous estimate of 2.3% due to the elimination of the tightening policy or Zero Covid Policy in China. The reopening of mobility and the lifting of the zero covid policy had a major impact in the form of increasing demand for goods and services from China. Following China, Japan's decision to also open up after the reduction in the status of the Covid-19 pandemic became additional positive news for TRIS, considering that Japan is one of the export destination countries for the company's products.

The decision of the two world economic giants, Japan and China, to open up after the downgrading of the status of the Covid-19 pandemic is expected to revive the slumping global economy, so that it will indirectly help the economic growth of TRIS export destination countries.

In turn, TRIS hopes that export demand from TRIS customer countries in international markets such as the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Japan will increase.

TRIS's international customers are a number of large corporations in various fields, such as aviation, health and hospitality which entrust the procurement of their uniforms to the company. In addition, TRIS also supplies various garment products for a number of international brands.

Widjaya Djohan, Main Director of TRIS agrees that Japan and China are two world economic giants whose every move will greatly affect the global economy.

"Seeing that the two world economic giants have begun to open up after the downgrade of the pandemic status, hopes are growing for an increase in world economic activity which will have a positive impact on demand for TRIS exports," he said in a press release, Tuesday (28/2).

TRIS Chart by TradingView The demand for the export market itself has continued to increase since the beginning of 2022, as logistics and supply chains return to normal after the pandemic in several countries apart from China and Japan.

In this regard, TRIS management believes in the projection that sales and net profit in 2023 including export market demand can increase compared to 2022.