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The Association of Indonesian Textile Experts (IKATSI) will hold the IXth Congress on 18-19 March 2023 at the Asrilia hotel, Bandung City. IKATSI is a professional organization whose members consist of graduates of Textile Colleges in Indonesia. The College of Textile Technology (STTT) was formerly called the Textile Technology Institute (ITT) with several private universities majoring in Textile Technology such as UPN Veteran Jakarta, UNIS Tangerang, UII Yogyakarta, UNBAR , AITB. STTT-ITT is the only State University owned by the Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia. Is the oldest Textile College, last year celebrated 100 years (a century) of the existence

of Textile Colleges in Indonesia. Has given birth to experts as the forerunner to the existence of the Textile & Textile Product Industry (TPT) in Indonesia, its alumni are more than 10,000 people who are spread throughout the Indonesian industry and even to neighboring countries such as Vietnam, Bangladesh etc.

These graduates work as industrialists, researchers, bankers, and educators who have founded and taught at several private tertiary institutions majoring in textiles which have also produced thousands of textile experts.

IKATSI as a forum for human resources for the textile expert profession, at the IX Congress in Bandung besides discussing changes to the AD & ART, Organization & Code of Ethics and compiling Work Programs & Recommendations also held the election of the General Chair as well as Formators for the IKATSI Management period 2023 - 2027.

A strong candidate for Chairman of IKATSI is Ir. H. M. Shobirin F. Hamid., A.T., S.E., M.M, an alumnus of STTT-ITT Bandung, whose candidacy was supported by DPW IKATSI West Java, Central Java, East Java and Jakarta. As well as receiving support besides STTT alumni, it is also supported by alumni of private universities, UPN, UII, UNBAR, UNIS and AITB

Shobirin's experience in the textile industry for 15 years in the TPT Industry in various companies such as 2016 – 2019 PT JP Synthetics Fiber Industry, Bandung Corporate Business Head 2015 PT Surya Alam Jaya, Jakarta Operational Advisor (Marketing & Production) 2015 PT Tri Berkat Anugerah, Bandung Executive Director 2013 – 2015 PT Industri Sandang Nusantara (Persero), Bekasi Operational Director 2009- 2013 PT Industri Sandang Nusantara (Persero), Bekasi Commercial Director 1995 – 2009 PT Indorama Synthetics, Tbk , Bandung Marketing Manager (Spun Yarn Business Division) 1994 – 1995 PT Pan Indonesia Bank, Tbk Bandung Account Executive (Treasury Division)

In addition, Shobirin is also a graduate of Lemhannas Batch VI and in 2020 – 2025 Coordinator of West Java and Banten Area (Alumni TapLaiSan LemHanNas RI – Batch VI / 2020) – LemHanNas RI Alumni Association. Currently, he is an Extraordinary Lecturer in the Management Study Program, FEB, Pasundan University, Bandung, an Extraordinary Lecturer in the Management Study Program and a Lecturer at Sangga Buana University-YPKP Bandung and as Deputy Chair of the ITT-STTT IKA Expert Council.

The future challenges for Indonesian textile experts are enormous, for that IKATSI must contribute with its Professional Expertise both for the benefit of the Textile Society, Nation and State. According to Ir. Shobirin "is fully prepared to lead IKATSI to become the main reference as well as a counterpart to both the Legislature and the independent Government in formulating policies for the development of a sovereign and independent National Textile Industry".

"Actually, the need for textiles and textile products (TPT), known as clothing, is very important for human life. So far, the words Clothing, Food and Shelters have been known. When a baby is born they wear a swaddle, when they die they wear a shroud. This means that education and the textile industry will never die, will live forever unless humans return to the stone age naked." continued Shobirin.

"If Food has the Ministry of Agriculture, Housing/housing has the Ministry of PUPR, why not in the future there will also be Clothing. The market potential of 270 million Indonesian people need clothing, the share of the world textile export market is also very large, even though it is currently facing global challenges from several countries such as China and Vietnam. Indonesia was victorious in the 80's -90's

the TPT sector through the strength of expert and reliable human resources must also be revived," concluded Shobirin enthusiastically.