The Ministry of Industry (Kemenperin) continues to boost the performance and competitiveness of the textile and textile product (TPT) industry in order to boost the national economy. One of them is by increasing the competence of human resources in the industrial sector through assessor training activities. It is known that in the first quarter of 2023, the contribution of the textile and apparel industry to the growth of the non-oil and gas processing industry was 6%. "The textile industry is one of the sectors that receives development priority, in accordance with the Making Indonesia 4.0 roadmap. Therefore, strategic efforts are needed for its development, including through increasing the competence of its workforce," said the Head of the Industrial Human Resource Development Agency (BPSDMI) Ministry of Industry, Masrokhan in a written statement, Monday (15/5/2023).

He explained that in an effort to prepare competent industrial human resources (HR), it is necessary to be supported by a strong competency infrastructure. This includes the availability of the Indonesian National Work Competency Standards (SKKNI), Professional Certification Institutions (LSP), Competency Assessors, and Competency Test Sites (TUK).

"Competitive human resources are an important component in driving a productive, innovative and competitive industry," he said.

In order to achieve this target, BPSDMI consistently prepares the Competency Infrastructure Development program needed by the industrial sector through the implementation of Assessor Training.

"Some time ago, we held this activity in Solo to support the performance of the TPT industry," said the Head of the Industrial HR Education and Training Center, Arnes Lukman.

He explained that the organization of assessor training focuses on schemes related to textiles and textile products. In this case, his party also collaborated with a number of parties, starting from LSP P3 Garmindo Plus, LSP P3 Mode Indonesia, LSP P3 Indonesian Weaving, LSP P3 Batik, LSP P1 BDI Yogyakarta, LSP P1 Polytechnic ATK Yogyakarta, to LSP P1 AK-Textile Solo.

"BPSDMI has coordinated with BNSP and has received BNSP approval regarding the Implementation of the 2nd Batch of 2023 Competency Assessor Training," continued Arnes.

During this training course, he said, participants were provided with methodological competencies in planning assessment activities and processes, carrying out assessments, and contributing to assessment validation. Furthermore, there will be an assessment of prospective assessors to test the eligibility of participants before being recommended as a competency assessor.

"Through this competency testing activity, the Ministry of Industry can produce assessors who are reliable in carrying out competency tests. So, the quality of human resources in the textile and textile product industry is getting better," said Arnes.

He said previously the BPDSMI of the Ministry of Industry had also carried out Competency Assessor Training Batch I Year 2023. The focus of activities was in the metal and machine industry on 20-23 February 2023 in Surabaya.

"We hope that this activity can empower competency assessors according to the scheme that is owned on a more massive basis," concluded Arnes.