Indonesia is called an archipelagic country for a reason. Our homeland is the largest archipelagic country in the world which has more than 17,500 islands which are almost entirely inhabited by thousands of various ethnic groups. It is filled with a diversity of cultures, traditions, languages, and different customs. Every culture has its own characteristics and uniqueness, both in terms of art, clothing, music, dance, and daily lifestyle. One of the very distinctive and important cultures in the life of the Indonesian people is the work of textiles. Many types and varieties of textiles are scattered throughout Indonesia and each has its own beauty and philosophy behind it. Batik is one of the country's most popular textiles and has made it to the international market. It can be seen that currently batik cloth is not only used as office or school uniforms, but also worn for various other events.

This shows that local textiles have undoubted quality. Not only is batik cloth the hallmark of Indonesian textiles, there are also woven fabrics which are also the culture of the homeland. The patterns of various types of textiles are also different, each of which has an inspiration and meaning behind it. Macaroni Id can be an option for those who want to wear clothes with Indonesian cultural elements. 

Developed by textile crafts graduates, by Putri and Nadia, Macaroni is one of the MSME textile brands that sells goods with unique concepts and designs. Inspired by the diversity of Indonesian culture, Putri and Nadia want to continue to promote Indonesian products.

"We combine traditional things with a modern touch and pop colors," said Putri, co-owner of Macaroni.

The products issued by Macaroni are very diverse, ranging from blouses, camisoles, kebayas, accessories, to bags. Each collection has a different concept and design, each style taking a theme from Indonesian culture, such as shoots of bamboo shoots, coconut flowers, and the recently released Setu Babakan. Macaroni's textile patterns are combined with a modern touch but don't leave their Indonesian culture.

"Because there are so many things we can make inspiration for, so our designs always change according to the collection we are making," continued Putri.

Macaroni has just released a Ramadan collection that carries the theme from the folklore of Setu Babakan, and applies it to outerwear and dresses. The style of the collection is inspired by traditional food, kembang goyang and pepe cake, and is combined with current trending colors. Not only suitable for use during Eid, but can also be worn on other agendas.