In the midst of the need for wearing masks during the pandemic, PT ATEJA, a textile company, released mask products with SNI.

Previously, Ateja had made curtain products for inpatient wards, which had V-Shield technology which was able to kill viruses and bacteria adhering to fabric surfaces. This innovation has been certified by the Guandong Detection Center of Microbiology, China, which concludes that ATEJA's V-Shield product is effective at killing viruses and bacteria in <2 hours with an effectiveness of 99.94%.

Now, PT ATEJA has started to develop cloth mask products with the Ateja Mas brand. The first Ateja Mask made was a flat-fold cloth mask that had gone through a trial process, before finally being officially marketed on April 17, 2020.

At the end of 2020, Ateja Mask became the only cloth mask product produced in Indonesia that received AFNOR UNS-1 certification (the standard for cloth masks used in the European continent).

Based on the results of independent tests that have been conducted by PT. Ateja, it was found that Ateja Mask was able to meet the quality requirements for cloth masks of types A, B, and C. It was quoted from the written statement.

Ateja Mask, became the first and only one in the country to win a Product Certificate for the Use of Indonesian National Standard Marks (SPPT-SNI) type C from LSpro TEXPA cloth mask product scope. For this reason, many government, private and military agencies use the Ateja Mask.

Apart from Ateja Mask, the company has also innovated to produce Ateja Hazmat, which is divided into two categories, namely Medical Hazmat and Fashion Hazmat, for use in offices, for doctors (medical personnel), and the general public. Ateja Medical Hazmat products themselves have obtained a distribution permit from the Indonesian Ministry of Health (3 September 2020). PPE Products PT. Until now, ATEJA has been exported to 8 (eight) countries covering 3 (three) continents, namely Asia, Australia and America.