Representative of Cotton Council International (CCI) in Indonesia, Anh Dung (Andy) Do, said CCI is committed to continuing to support the growth of the garment business and industry, both globally and in Indonesia.

"As a form of support for these garment industry players, the US cotton industry has launched the US Cotton Trust Protocol to bring measurable and verifiable measures to sustainable cotton production and drive improvements in key sustainable metrics," said Andy Do.

Andy Do explained, CCI, under the National Cotton Council of America (NCC), is a non-profit organization that promotes cotton fiber from the United States (US) and cotton products produced worldwide under the Cotton USA trademark. CCI has more than 60 years of experience promoting US cotton fiber and cotton products for trade.

"CCI works with spinning mills, fabric and garment manufacturers, brands, retailers, textile organizations, governments and the USDA to facilitate the use of US cotton. CCI currently reaches more than 50 countries through 20 offices around the world, including Indonesia," he explained. .

According to Andy Do, by joining the US Cotton Trust Protocol, members can prove, measure and verify that they are purchasing quality, sustainably produced fiber, and that the supply chain from the field to the factory is free from environmental and social risks.

"On the other hand, in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the US Cotton Trust Protocol also brings verifiable measurements for sustainable cotton production," he added.

In addition, said Andy Do, CCI continues to be committed to providing solutions and services for global garment industry players and customers as part of Cotton USA Solutions, five business development programs to enhance expertise have been provided to more than 1,500 factories in 50 factories in the country.

"Five solutions from CCI are ready to be deployed free of charge for Cotton USA licensees and members of the US Cotton Trust Protocol. On the other hand, licensees can also use Cotton USA licenses to promote US cotton products throughout the supply chain and in retail. To be eligible for to get a license, the product must contain more than 50% US cotton, "he stressed.

Andy Do added that all these initiatives and programs aim to assist and support local entrepreneurs in industries in Indonesia in developing their businesses, especially in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

"A good understanding of the importance of using quality cotton will certainly help local entrepreneurs make adjustments to their business and keep up with changing trends in order to remain relevant to market demand," said Andy Do.