Eco fashion Gambo Muba is increasingly attracting many fashion lovers. This time, the charm of Gambo Muba is in the spotlight of Ozip Magazine, which is an international magazine marketed in Australia.

In the issue of the April 2021 issue of Ozip Magazine, Gambo Muba became the front cover of the magazine and was covered in two pages in depth news (pages 14-15) by the editorial team of Ozip magazine.

"Yes, previously also in 2018, Gambo Muba participated in a fashion show appearance in Perth, Western Australia and was introduced at Margareth River Senior High School in Perth Australia," said Thia Yufada Dodi Reza, Gambo Muba initiator who is also the Chairperson of TP PKK Muba.

This South Sumatra Inspiration woman admits that even though currently Gambo Muba is increasingly in demand by many fashion lovers as well as a fashion trend abroad, she and Gambo Muba craftsmen who are women of gambier sap farmers in remote areas of Muba don't want Jumawa.

"Right now, we continue to focus on maintaining the quality of Gambo Muba so that it is trusted by users and fashion lovers. "Well, the important thing is how we can continue to fulfill the demands of Gambo Muba's orders so that they can always be fulfilled," he said

The head of the South Sumatra Women's Sports Association (Perwosi) explained that Ozip Magazine is also an alternative reading for Indonesians in Australia. The market share of this magazine is Indonesian youth aged 18 years and over who continue their studies in Australia to their families

It is known, Ozip is marketed in the city of Melbourne and surrounding cities to cities far from the city center such as Geelong, Frankston and others, which are located in the State of Victoria.

Gambo Muba is a typical cloth of the jumputan method, dyed with gambier sap which was initially considered waste and thrown away for nothing. Now the husband and wife Dodi-Thia are able to encourage gambier craftsmen by turning waste into the main dye of cloth. As an Eco fashion product, Gambo Muba uses 100 percent natural, anti-chemical dyes.

This also answers the international issue that more than 50 percent of chemical waste comes from textile waste. Gambo Muba is an alternative action and Muba's contribution to the textile world, this product does not produce chemical waste but uses gambier sap waste as Gambo Muba's natural dye.

Meanwhile, the Regent of Muba, Dr. Dodi Reza Alex Noerdin, Lic, Eco, MBA admitted that he was amazed by this. The Head of Indonesia's Innovative Region said that this achievement indirectly raised the status of the women of gambier farmers and craftsmen of Gambo Muba.

"This shows that Gambo Muba, which is an eco fashion product, the result of the hard work of mothers in Muba, is able to penetrate the international market share and become the international spotlight. We as Muba residents should be proud, ”said Dodi Reza.

Dodi assessed that now and in the future what must be maintained and improved is the quality of Gambo Muba so that it remains the right choice for fashion lovers abroad.

"In addition, Gambo Muba should always be available and fulfill order requests, this is what Gambo Muba craftsmen have to commit to," he said.