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The Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs, Airlangga Hartarto, Friday (4/6), visited two business locations in West Java that were able to survive the pandemic.

Business actors also expressed various aspirations as an effort to encourage small and medium industries (IKM) to continue to develop in local and global markets.

During the visit, the first location that Airlangga visited with the Minister of Industry Agus Gumiwang was PT. Santosa Kurnia Jaya, which is a medium-scale company engaged in the textile and manufacturing industry.

The business founded by Dudi Gumilar has 139 employees. The company, which is located in Majalaya, Bandung Regency, has reached the export market, namely Japan.

"The government is committed to supporting small and medium-sized industries. Moreover, the fabric industry in Majalaya has its own cluster so it must have competitiveness. There are many things the government can do, one of which is related to working capital, especially for exports. a program from the government to provide additional working capital and can be restructured for 2 years," said Airlangga.

Entering the second quarter of 2021, the signal of economic recovery is getting stronger compared to the first quarter of last year. The recovery of public confidence, which has driven improvement in domestic demand, continues to be responded positively by the industry by increasing its production activity and is reflected in the Manufacturing PMI which continues to increase to the level of 55.3 in May 2021, up from the position of 54.6 in April 2021.

The momentum for accelerating economic recovery through strengthening demand continues. Airlangga hopes that the number of entrepreneurs in Indonesia will increase, especially in the momentum of national economic recovery.

The increase in entrepreneurs in Indonesia will certainly be able to absorb a lot of labor and will encourage productivity and accelerate national economic growth.

Next, a visit was made to PT Kreuz Bike Indonesia, which is located in Cibeunying Kaler District, Bandung City. The company, which was originally a cottage industry selling bicycle bags, has been producing bicycles and frames over time.

With 15 employees owned, this company can produce approximately 60 bicycles per week. PT Kreuz Bike Indonesia has obtained Product Certification for Using the Indonesian National Standard Mark (SPPT SNI). This company that has been trusted by the community cooperates with several other companies in the production process.

"This small bicycle-making industry is of good quality. During the pandemic, sales actually increased and could produce 150 units per month with premium quality. This is extraordinary. I appreciate and believe that the products made by the youth of this nation can compete with foreign products. The government, in This is the Ministry of Industry, definitely encouraging the industry," Airlangga concluded.

He also hopes that business actors can maintain a fighting spirit in entrepreneurship, so that they can continue to have a positive impact.

"Especially for the community by providing jobs and in general for the country by helping the movement of the national economy," he said.