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H.E Daniyar Sarekenov Ambassador of Kazakhstan brought a delegation of investors to meet with the Governor of East Java Khofifah Indar Parawansa. The strategic meeting was held to explore the potential for trade and investment cooperation between Kazakhstan and East Java Province.

The reason is, there are several potential trade and investment cooperation that seems to be followed up.

Such as in the food industry, especially seafood, then the textile industry, and also the furniture industry.

"Our meeting today is to discuss opportunities that we can run to strengthen the relationship that allows us to establish, especially in the trade and investment sectors," said Daniyar.

He explained that for the industrial sector, in three days they will go around for meetings with the government sector and also business actors to explore potential cooperation.

Personally, he considers that East Java is a big and very potential market for products from Kazakhstan.

On the other hand, he also mentioned that Kazakhstan is also very likely to take local goods from East Java which are needed for industrial raw materials in Kazakhstan.

"East Java is a very large and strategic market. And we can import many commodities from East Java.

We are interested and in need of marine products, textiles, as well as furniture and processed industries. Especially the textile industry, because in Kazakhstan, we produce cotton," he said.

The same applies to the tourism sector. He offers religious tourism packages by combining Hajj or Umrah with tour packages to Kazakhstan.

Not only to Turkey which is now commonplace and widely practiced, but he offers Kazakhstan as an Islamic religious tourism destination for Hajj or Umrah pilgrims.

Responding to this visit, Governor Khofifah expressed his gratitude to the Ambassador of Kazakhstan.

The reason is that there are potentials that may be followed up for the welfare of the two countries, both Indonesia and Kazakhstan.

"So there is a need in Kazakhstan, especially seafood, more specifically shrimp, more specifically lobster.

We have a lot of seafood, frozen fish, we have a lot of tuna. So this is an opportunity to build mutually beneficial trade connectivity between East Java and Kazakhstan," said Khofifah.

Therefore, there are several things that are needed, including preparing a direct flight.

Khofifah, admitted that she would communicate with airlines that would allow them to connect directly from East Java to Kazakhstan.

"In addition, what is very interesting that the Ambassador offers is the convenience so that our products can penetrate the European Union market. That is by making Kazakhstan a hub," said Khofifah.

The reason is, so far, Indonesian products to enter the Russian market are subject to many restrictions. Such as palm oil, furniture, and several other products.

"So if this can be done, with careful preparation, with the hub in Kazakhstan, maybe we can penetrate the European market more broadly," said Khofifah.