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A video circulated in the world of social media networks that recorded traders at Southeast Asia's Largest Textile Wholesale Center, Tanah Abang Market waving white flags.

One of the netizens who uploaded the video is the Twitter account @Aiek_esthreem

Through a tweet in his post, the account explained that Tanah Abang Market had flown the white flag.

He also invited other netizens to share the video so that the public would know that the people are suffering from a stupid regime.

“Jakarta's Tanabang Market has raised the white flag. Help retweet, for the suffering of the people due to the stupidity of the regime," he tweeted.

As for the video, you can see a number of white flags being flown in one corner of the Tanah Abang Market.

As a form of surrender of Tanah Abang market traders

Based on the explanation of the person who recorded the video, the white flag was raised as a form of surrender for the traders in Tanah Abang to the current conditions.

It was also stated that the white cloth was flown across from the Tanah Abang market block B.

"A white flag has been flown, usually before the anniversary of August 17 or independence day raising the red and white flag, but now the white flag is being raised symbolizing that all traders in Tanah Abang surrendered," said a man who is a video recorder.

"That's the current situation, right across from block B. I'm just sharing information that this is the situation in Tanah Abang," he continued.

Whereas before the Covid-19 pandemic hit, said the video recorder, Tanah Abang Market was known as a center for foreign textiles which was busy every day with trading activities.

But now the condition is sad because for the time being traders are not allowed to move and are closed completely.

"It used to be known as the center of foreign markets, yes. Now temporarily not allowed to move, completely closed. So this is the white flag being flown, indicating, as in boxing, that someone has given up," he said.

Therefore, he invites all parties affected by the Covid-19 pandemic to be patient and surrender everything to God Almighty.

He also hoped that the current pandemic would end soon so that people could return to their normal activities.

"Right now the key may be to surrender to Allah, surrender to the situation, hopefully we will all get protection and soon there will be a way out. This is just information and just sharing, thank you," he added.