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On August 16, 2021, President Joko Widodo signed a Presidential Decree (Kepres) regarding the determination of the National Weaving Day (HTN) which will be commemorated every 7 September.

“This is a gift for Indonesian songket weaving craftsmen. The Indonesian nation is a nation that is very rich in traditional weaving works with a variety of motifs. Patent rights must be declared immediately. If it is not immediately protected and declared as belonging to the Indonesian people, it is not impossible that other nations will recognize it," said Prof. Dr. Anna Mariana SH, LLM as the builder of the Indonesian Tourism Lovers Association (P3I) in a virtual discussion with the theme "Love Indonesian Traditional Weaving", last Wednesday, September 1, 2021.

"Why the importance of this National Weaving Day we strive for and we strive for, none other than because of our concern in terms of preserving the culture of the Indonesian nation," said Anna Mariana, who is the pioneer of the Indonesian Weaving Day.

As for the effort to give birth to the commemoration of the National Weaving Day, it has been carried out since February 24, 2019.

Meanwhile, the stipulation of the National Weaving Day on September 7 is related to the history of the inauguration of the first Weaving School in Indonesia, on September 7, 1929 by dr. Soetomo in Surabaya.

"The establishment of the National Weaving Day is a momentum to move traditional weaving activities and the weaving industry as well as to preserve, as well as develop traditional weaving throughout Indonesia. The hope is that if the National Weaving Day has been inaugurated by the government, then in the future it can be followed by a movement, it is mandatory to use woven clothing on weekdays, starting from government and private agencies, all public and private schools. Weaving deserves to be treated like we wear and position batik. We need to continue to support the development of Indonesian weaving craftsmen so that they can develop more and at the same time increase production,” explained Anna.

Anna, who is also the founder of the Indonesian Traditional Textile Community (KTTI) together with the Cinta Budaya Kain Nusantara Foundation and the Association of Indonesian Weaving Craftsmen, has dedicated and fought to protect craftsmen in 34 provinces in Indonesia.

As is known, weaving is one of the traditional textile products that can be found in many areas in Indonesia.

Each region has a characteristic in manufacturing techniques and different motifs as the cultural identity of the area.

The essence of weaving and songket is not only a piece of cloth, but also a cultural symbol that has permeated the social and spiritual life of its people.

Meanwhile, the virtual discussion event also received support from the Archipelago Concerned Society for Wastra, which was led by; The Indonesian Traditional Textile Community which is a forum for the younger generation to be aware of culture-based National Clothing Security together with the Cinta Budaya Kain Nusantara Foundation, as well as partners, such as: Kridha Dhari Indonesia, AB 1 United America, United Europe PETJ, LaSalle College, Harry Darsono Foundation.

"We are all grateful that National Batik Day has been set to be celebrated every October 2nd. Now, it's the turn of Weaving wastra for us to fight together and celebrate nationally," said Jeffry Yunus as the leader of the Indonesian Tourism Lovers Association (P3I).