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Dozens of students at SMKN 3 Cimahi took part in the Training for IKM (Small and Medium Industries) Competitiveness of Textile Products, which was initiated by the Department of Trade, UMKM, Cooperatives and Industry (Disdagkoperin) of Cimahi City, at SMKN 3 Cimahi Jalan Permana, Monday, September 6, 2021.

With this activity, students are expected to be independent, by opening their own business.

The activity was directly reviewed by the Acting Mayor (Plt.) of the Mayor of Cimahi, Ngatiyana who was accompanied by the Head of Disdagkoperin Cimahi City, Dadan Darmawan.

"Today there is a learning event that is theoretical in nature, and tomorrow is practical. So today we are carrying out PTM preparation (face-to-face learning), which will take place tomorrow Wednesday. There were several student representatives carrying out theoretical learning which will be practiced tomorrow Wednesday," he said.

Head of Disdagkoperin Cimahi City, Dadan Darmawan, added that one of the industrial developments is preparing industrial resources.

"Industrial sources cannot be separated from their resources. We are trying to collaborate with these students, just like creative digital. Some time ago, the collaboration with SMKN 1 was related to fostering industrial resources engaged in the creative digital industry. the other is related to culinary and fashion, which is currently being touched on in the fashion section. Coincidentally, collaborating with SMKN 3 involves students. Just like what we did at SMKN 1," he explained.

In this activity, students were given material about fashion, such as pattern making and cutting, by presenting speakers from LPK Ariyanti.

"This will provide them with provisions. One day they will be active. The orientation is that if you don't work, you will create a job. This is one of our supports for the preparation of the industry. they are equipped with their needs. So not only from the school, but also from other agencies. That's why we take sources from outside, so we can combine according to the needs in the market, "he said.

With this training, said Dadan, it is possible for these students to open their own businesses.

"So he is not only prepared, but he is also very possible when he is inspired to become an entrepreneur, he becomes independent, meaning an entrepreneur. So he is not only an energy, but also stimulated so that they are independent, open their own business in the fashion sector," he explained. .

The Daily Executive (Plh.) of the Head of SMKN 3 Cimahi, Asep Suwarno welcomed the activity organized by the Disdagkoperin of Cimahi City.

"We welcome it positively, because children have been learning online all this time. Now we have added application material directly from the industry from the Cimahi City Government. They seem enthusiastic about the material, and coincidentally it is connected to the curriculum," he said.

The activity was attended by 30 representatives of students majoring in Fashion Design at SMKN 3 Cimahi.

"With this activity, at least the introduction of textiles has come first. So far, they have never entered school, and today's practice is introduced directly. So it will support the learning that will be given later in the curriculum," said Asep.