The woven cloth produced by the Baduy indigenous people is said to have captivated the world market after various government agencies and the private sector have helped promote to outsiders. "We received reports that Baduy woven fabrics have penetrated the world market," said the Head of the Lebak Regency Industry and Trade Agency, Dedi Rahmat, Friday.

He admitted that the Regional National Craft Council (Dekranasda) of Lebak Regency had promoted Baduy woven fabrics to a number of countries in Europe. In addition, the Ministry of Tourism and entrepreneurs, including young designer Amanda I Lestari, displayed it at London Fashion Week, England.

"With this cooperation, now Baduy woven handicraft products can penetrate the world market," added Dedi.

Currently, the price of Baduy woven fabrics in the handicraft area of ​​the Baduy community in Kadu Ketug Village, Kanekes Village, Lebak Regency ranges from IDR 150 thousand to IDR 1.5 million per piece with a size of 3 square meters.

Now the local government is optimizing the development of Baduy woven fabrics to increase the economic income of the local community. Coaching is carried out, among others, by training to internships in a number of regions in West Java and Central Java.

While the advantages of Baduy woven fabrics are the variety of motifs, such as the hideung poleng motif, paul poleng, mursadam, pepetikan, betel nut, maghrib, hurang claw, susuatan, songket suat, smata (girid manggu, gedang flower, saka flower), sharp fights, and aros motif which consists of aros awi gede, kembang saka, kembang cikur and aros anggeus.

"The Baduy woven cloth motif gives love to nature which is so full of wealth," explained Dedi.

Another uniqueness is also seen from the woven fabric which is made using manual equipment without a machine. The craftsmen work on one piece of Baduy woven cloth measuring 2 × 3 square meters for two days. "We target that with this guidance, it is hoped that Baduy woven fabrics will penetrate the domestic and foreign markets," he said.

Chairman of UKM DQ Baraya Lebak Regency, Endoh Mahfudoh, said that his party is currently selling Baduy woven fabrics to Vietnam because consumer demand in that country is quite high. "The high market demand in Vietnam," said Endoh.

According to him, the request came after Baduy crafts filled the exhibition activities through promotions carried out by the Banten Province Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM).

"The Vietnamese people also admit that they are very interested in the handicraft products of the Baduy cultural community from Lebak Regency, Banten," he said.