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As a result, employees who were at work rushed out of the area to save themselves. Meanwhile, from a distance, you could see billows of smoke rising high.

The fire itself is estimated to have occurred around 13.30 WIB. From the description of a sugarcane seller who was right in front of the factory, Dani admitted that he knew of a fire in the factory from his mother who was shocked to see thick black smoke.

"Earlier, my mother saw that there was smoke, son, then I saw it too. It turned out that there was black smoke that grew bigger, if the fire was not visible," he said.

Meanwhile, one of the employees admitted that the fire started from a panel in the production room.

"In the production room, the upper part is the panel," he said.

Meanwhile, to put out the fire at the factory, 14 fire trucks (Damkar) were deployed which included six units from the Mojokerto Regency BPBD, two PMK units from the Mojokerto City BPBD, one unit from Gama PMK, even one unit was imported from Jombang Regency BPBD PMK. .

In addition, a number of companies also mobilized the assistance of fire trucks. Namely, one PMK Dragon unit, two Tjiwi Kimia PMK units, and one unit from PT Sopanusa Ngoro.

"A total of 14 PMK units are assisting in the extinguishing process. And currently it is still ongoing," said Acting Head of BPBD Mojokerto Regency, Ludfi ​​Ariyono.

Meanwhile, it was reported that an explosion was heard when the fire broke out and it is suspected that the initial fire was in the pressing device in the spinning section.

Until 18.00 WIB, the textile factory was still on fire. Because, as a result of the explosion, the fire grew and spread throughout the room, namely the cotton warehouse which then spread to the fabric storage section.

Ludfi ​​also explained that his party received a report at around 1:45 pm from one of the factory employees.

"That there has been a fire at PT Mertex Indonesia. The cause of the fire is thought to be due to the explosion of the press in the spinning section which caused sparks and spread to the surrounding area," he said.

Ludfi ​​said the area of ​​the building that burned was still unknown. Because it's still being extinguished. However, the flames that came from the explosion of the spinning press spread to the warehouse building, production machines, and also burned the raw materials for production, to the finished materials for textile production.

"The size of the affected area is still unknown. Likewise, the interpretation of losses is still unknown. There were no casualties in this incident, but currently the fire is still in the process of extinguishing," he said.