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The Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus, Jose Tavares, opened the "Enchantment of Indonesian Batik" exhibition at the Indonesian Embassy in Moscow, on Tuesday (7/9).

The exhibition runs for a month on September 3, 2021-3 October 2021 at the All-Russian Decorative Art Museum located in the center of Moscow.

"Indonesian batik has a specialty that no other fabric or textile industry in the world has and is part of the identity of the Indonesian nation," said Jose Tavares when opening the exhibition.

Indonesian batik, said Jose Tavares, contains the diversity of artistic, natural, spiritual values ​​as well as the nobility of the culture of various ethnic groups in Indonesia which are passed down across generations and are expressed in various motifs and symbols.

"This privilege also underlies UNESCO's designation of "Indonesian Batik" as a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity since October 2, 2009," said Jose Tavares.

Director of the Moscow All-Russian Decorative Art Museum, Elena Titova, expressed her pride in choosing the museum she leads to display a collection of charming Indonesian batik fabrics.

"This batik exhibition may be the first step in a sustainable collaboration between the Indonesian Embassy in Moscow and the All-Russian Decorative Art Museum to showcase the richness and beauty of Indonesian decorative arts and folk crafts to art lovers in Russia," said Elena.

The night of the opening reception was enlivened by the appearance of Batik Dance by Russian and Indonesian dancers, members of the dance studio assisted by the Indonesian Embassy in Moscow "Kirana Nusantara Dance" (KND). The invited guests were also treated to a variety of traditional Indonesian market snacks.

Closing the reception, Ambassador Jose Tavares who was accompanied by Mrs. Fitria Wibowo Tavares, as the curator of the Indonesian batik cloth on display accompanied all invited guests on an exhibition tour to see firsthand the beauty of the various collections of Indonesian batik cloth displayed.

The invited guests admitted that they were very happy and appreciated the implementation of this exhibition.

"For me as an art worker, this batik exhibition is eye-opening and provides a lot of new information about Indonesian batik, especially regarding the various motifs displayed and the story behind each piece of cloth on display," said Alyona Borshchagovskaya, Director of Galeria Century-21, one of the leading art galleries in the city of Moscow.

“I am very happy to know the various stories behind each Indonesian batik motif. This exhibition rekindled my desire to go to Indonesia again to buy Indonesian batik cloth as shown in this exhibition,” said Svetlana Banit with sparkling eyes.

Svetlana is a lecturer at Saint Petersburg University who specifically took the time to travel 4 hours by fast train from Saint Petersburg to Moscow, in order to attend the reception night for the opening of this batik exhibition.

Appreciation also came from the journalists who attended. "I've been to Indonesia and this isn't the first time I've seen Indonesian batik. Before, I didn't know that there were so many kinds of Indonesian batik motifs. All of them are beautiful and very beautiful," said Polina Kondrashina, a senior journalist for the Interfax News Agency.

The exhibition presents the beauty of 40 collections of written and stamped batik fabrics from various regions in Indonesia with various motifs and colors. A number of cloth collections displayed are antique collections from noble families in Indonesia.

In addition to batik cloth, the exhibition also displays non-textile collections (beyond textile batik) such as: cups, ceramics and various household products produced using Indonesian batik designs and motifs.

A number of fashion collections were also exhibited that depicted the traditional and modern use of batik cloth in Indonesia. The exhibition was also coupled with batik training activities with Russian tutors.

The guests at the opening reception consisted of various groups, such as officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, several Ambassadors and Deputy Ambassadors of ASEAN countries in Moscow, museums, art galleries, media, academics, artists, businessmen, as well as Indonesianists and diaspora. Indonesia.