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Vaccination to achieve Herd Immunity is one way to stop the spread of COVID-19. Herd immunity resulting from vaccination can be achieved if the minimum percentage of people who have been vaccinated is 70 percent.

Currently, West Java continues to expand vaccination centers to universities, such as the Polytechnic College of Textile Technology (STTT) Bandung City.

Director of the Bandung STTT Polytechnic, Tina Martina, said that the vaccination activity was realized through the cooperation of various parties.

"Thanks to the collaboration with Kesdam III/Siliwangi, we got 4,000 doses of vaccine," he said.

He explained that most of the vaccine doses were intended for students in the context of the plan to organize PTM in universities. However, it will also open access for the general public who want to be vaccinated.

"A total of 1.3 thousand are for students, employees' families, and the environment of the Center for Ceramics (BKK) and the Center for Textiles (BTT), while the other 700 doses are for the community in collaboration with the regional side," he said.

Tina ensured that none of the vaccination participants experienced Post Immunization Adverse Events (AEFI).

"Thank God it's not a bad effect, but just feeling sleepy and tired," said Tina.

He added, according to him, teachers always encourage students to want to be vaccinated when doing online learning.

His party will also plan to hold PTM, especially for students who are preparing their final assignments and Field Work Practices (PKL) who need laboratory facilities. Therefore, his party must ensure that students have been vaccinated with two doses.

“One laboratory may only be filled by 10 students for practice but for theory we are still online. We will not rush to do PTM but structured preparations must still be made,” he said.

"Continue to prepare to hold PTM with the condition that all components have been vaccinated and limited use of the laboratory for students who have to practice," he concluded.