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Uben Yunara, Head of the Branch Manager of the All-Indonesian Textile, Clothing and Leather Workers Union (PC SPTSK SPSI) Bandung Regency, stated that the increase in the Bandung Regency minimum wage in 2022 will be based on economic growth.

"Referring to the release of the Minister of the Economy, it is 7 percent economic growth. That's the calculation that the workers hold. So there is no reason for the government not to increase it that much because of economic growth. However, we will see how the situation and condition of the company is now. ," said Uben Yunara.

Let's just say, said Uben, that currently approaching the end of the Covid-19 pandemic, for example, there are various levels of company capabilities in Bandung Regency.

"There are those who survive and are stable during Covid-19, some may be a little heavy due to the conditions of the pandemic," he said.

He hopes that the Wage Council will find a new breakthrough, a strong or capable company based on a survey in the field, by increasing the minimum wage.

Including for companies with moderate economic conditions, what is the solution.

"So that later there will be no pros and cons or fuss. Because now there are also many companies that do not implement the district minimum wage. And that is understood by the workers because of the pandemic conditions. The workers are also instructed to understand the condition of the company. "The company has started to recover again. It must understand the economic conditions of the workers. It cannot hold back the normative rights of the workers because of the pandemic situation and conditions. In fact, the company is actually doing well," he said.

He said, related to the expectation of an increase in the minimum wage, his party would visit the Statistics Agency. This is to determine economic growth.

"Don't get 7 percent in the media, but the reality is 10 percent or below 7 percent. Don't just decide on an increase in economic growth because it involves the livelihood of many people. It concerns the working community," he said.

Uben also hopes that in determining the increase in drinking wages there must still be a field survey, as a comparison. However, in determining wage increases based on economic growth.

"The information I received said that in Bandung Regency, economic growth was at 6 percent and nationally at 7 percent. But the 7 percent calculation was where it used to be because we saw the economic conditions in the community," he said.

Uben hopes that strong and stable companies must implement the district minimum wage. At a time when other companies closed their operations, while other companies had large exports. It even provides opportunities for workers to work overtime.

"There must be rewards from the government to companies, including loan relief. But the government must also provide rewards to workers, namely in the form of wage increases. We are trying to support the government in efforts to recover the national economy," he said.

SPSI will also facilitate entrepreneurs who are out of business or unable to run their businesses through a bipartite process. Given, many of the entrepreneurs who employ less than 1000 employees who have difficulty in the continuity of the company.

"Workers are happy, employers are calm," he concluded.