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The Ministry of Industry continues to be committed to developing the national Muslim fashion industry by organizing the Modest Fashion Project (MOFP) 2021. After going through a long process, finally the MOFP competition has reached the stage grand finals.

Acting Director General of Small, Medium, and Miscellaneous Industries of the Ministry of Industry, Reni Yanita said that all participants who were declared qualified as finalists of the top 20 of the MOFP competition were entitled to a coaching program from the Directorate General of IKMA for two years in the form of coaching Muslim fashion IKM start ups and various other coaching activities, "said Reni Yanita, Saturday (9/25/2021) .

MOFP is a Muslim fashion design and business concept competition organized by the Directorate General of IKMA of the Ministry of Industry since 2018. This year, the inauguration or peak of the 2021 MOFP activity will be carried out in a hybrid manner, with a grand final judging agenda, the appearance of masterpieces by MOFP designers from the previous year, as well as the announcement of the MOFP competition. 2021.

Reni Yanita revealed that the MOFP competition aims to provide a platform for and a stage for young designers to be able to become Muslim fashion entrepreneurs competitive.

According to Reni Yanita, the role of the designer is very important in determining trend direction and the development of new innovations in the development of fashion products Muslims in Indonesia.

"There are many names of fashion designers and Indonesian fashion brands that are global, and I hope that MOFP finalists can become fashion designers who can also work on the world stage promoting and advancing the potential of the national Muslim fashion industry," said Reni Yanita.

The contribution of the textile and apparel industry to the GDP of the non-processing industry oil and gas in 2020, which is 6.76%. In Q2 2021, the sector is back showed a positive contribution of 6.03%.

"Based on data from the Pusdatin of the Ministry of Industry, the export value of the textile and apparel industry" throughout 2020 reached US$ 10.62 billion, and in the period January-July in 2021 the exports of this sector will reach US$ 6.93 billion,” explained Reni.

Meanwhile, regarding the growth of the world's Muslim fashion industry, The State The Global Islamic Economy (SGIE) Report 2020/2021 reports consumption projections The world's Muslim fashion in 2024 will reach US $ 311 billion. Whereas Indonesian Muslim fashion consumption in 2019 was worth US$ 16 billion, or the fifth largest in the world after Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

"This shows that the global and domestic Muslim fashion market opportunities It is very large and must be utilized by the Indonesian Muslim fashion industry," said Reni.

Not only that, Indonesia also seems to be in third place as a country which develops the best Muslim fashion in the world after the United Arab Emirates and Turkey. With a variety of coaching and support for the Muslim fashion industry Indonesia, Reni is optimistic that Indonesia can become one of the centers of Muslim fashion world.

Reni also hopes that the MOFP competition can be an opportunity to expand experience, networking, insight, and knowledge for Muslim fashion designers in the country. At the end of the 2021 MOFP Inauguration event, Reni also announced three winners and one favorite champion who has the right to get a total prize of IDR 75 million