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Head of the Creative Economy Division of the Padang City Tourism Office Andi Amir said the Padang City Government through the Tourism Office was trying to manage tourism well, so that it could become one of the largest contributors to Regional Original Income (PAD) for the City of Padang.

This was conveyed when he received a visit from a group of the Personnel and Human Resources Development Agency (BKPSDM) of Prabumulih City, South Sumatra Province.

"We continue to explore existing tourism potentials, including the potential that exists in each village by making it a Thematic Village and having a tourism icon that can become a tourism magnet in the area," he said.

In addition, the Tourism Office through the creative economy sector also continues to strive to improve the community's economy by developing MSMEs, as one of the supporting tourist attractions.

On the same occasion, the Head of the Prabumulih BKPSDM, Beny Rizal, stated that this visit was aimed at field studies of Prabumulih's Supervisory Leadership Training for the VI City of Prabumulih.

He saw the city of Padang as its creative economy sector was developing with the number of MSMEs that had sprung up and was facilitated by the Tourism Office.

"Therefore, through this visit, we hope that the training and leadership participants can absorb and imitate what the Padang Dispar has done and modify it to be applied in Prabumulih," he added.

According to Beny, currently, the creative economy sector in Prabumulih needs to be further developed, both in the culinary and craft sectors.

According to him, the culinary sector will not be too difficult, considering that 15 percent of Prabumulih's residents come from the city of Padang.

He also emphasized that Prabumulih also has agricultural products that have become an icon of the city, namely pineapples.

"Currently, we are also developing pineapples in various culinary offerings, ranging from jams, various cakes to textile raw materials from pineapple waste," he added.

He hopes that this visit can motivate his staff to make breakthroughs in order to develop the potential that exists in Prabumulih City.

Also present at this activity was the Head of the Mutation Division of the Padang City BKPSDM Pagara Anas who represented the Head of the Padang City BKPSDM Arfian.